Stray Thoughts…



I Wonder,
could there be little green pixies
putting strange ideas in your mind?
Just being a tad mischievous,
and never really unkind.
You’re in the middle
of a conversation
when suddenly
a stray thought
comes out of the blue…
You voice the words, shocking yourself
and your companion too….
LadyP © 2011

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55 responses to “Stray Thoughts…

  1. What’s going on then, eh, Pen? ;-)

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  2. ooh I like this one and can totally relate to it. Hardly a day goes by that some words don’t tumble out of my mouth that shouldn’t have! It would be great if I could blame it on a little green pixie! lol.
    Big hugs, Nikki

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  3. It’s one way of putting it when my mouth starts working overtime on silly issues…. Have you told someone to much Lady P ?

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  4. Hi Pen, Mischievous in always good (I think). Read your comment about the strangling and had to laugh. Better to write a poem – fewer consequences, anyway. Keep it up, Pen.

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    • Glad I made you laugh Monica, see? it’s the pixies at it again!! tsk tsk.!! I’m as innocent as the day is long. *cough, cough, splutter. splutter* … ahem.!! Glad you enjoyed the pondering of my poor brain… :-)

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  5. Ha! I like this, Pen. This happens just as much as when I begin to say something and, before the words come out, I have forgotten what it was I was going to say. :) Green pixies? That works for me!

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  6. Very sweet n subtle.

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  7. ♫ *´”)
    , ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ ABSOLUTELY. Been there. Heard the voices. Said the words. And got the bizarre stares from family & friends as their jaws dropped to the flow. What??? What did I say? What’s even strange is when you don’t even realize that you said something because the green pixies sprinkled a dash of that amnesia dust on you just as soon as those words sprewed from your mouth! Uuugh! Seriously, I said that? Really! WTF??

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  8. LOL! I think most of us have done that, often musing, “did I REALLY say that out loud??!!” :-O

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