Drawn Out…


to tell
to tell
what is
in my
like hell
God, why do feelings start?
You ask me true what I feel for
you?  My love, It has gone,
what was there, did depart.

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48 responses to “Drawn Out…

  1. Thinking of you Pen ((hugs)),
    I love the pictures you draw with your words (literally)
    Good luck with your search my friend
    xXx xXx

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  2. What a picture you hav e drawn here Pen , mmm Is it time the book was closed and start a new book , it depends what you are looking for my friend. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

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  3. Ah, so simple, and yet so deep. This really touched me. The words spring out and grasp my soul. Words buried too deep to easily extract. Such emptiness expressed in your ending. Such simply agony–I hold it close to my heart and understand it in my own, different I’m sure, way. Thank you

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    • I felt every word VW, and have lived it true… I am glad it reached out to you, for endings are so, so heartbreaking, but have to be faced.,.. MY thanks to you for your answering comment telling of your feelings xx

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  4. We are all faced with these feelings every now and then, shall we keep our feelings to ourselves… Have a lovely day Lady P

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    • Feelings … so many songs and poems, stories, all fed by feelings and the resulting triumph or sadness… Many thanks for your comment my friend, and hope your week is a good one. xx

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