Caught in the Webbing?


If pain is felt, should you seek the source and purge the cause?

If happiness is found, should you give up all else to feel the joy?

If all the questions in the world were answered, would we be happy?..

Or would we question even that?  Questions are a seeking of knowledge

and by seeking we show our humanity, and if we loose sight of our humanity…where are we then?


MANCHESTER..11.30am. Sitting in front of my PC, or rather the keyboard. The towers a bit to the left, not in any moral or political sense, I mean left position wise. Right then, got that sorted, as I was saying. Manchester…..11.40 ish am.  Where did that time go? Where has all the time gone? It’s 2010 for goodness sake and I opened a ‘Live Spaces’ space months ago.Thinking about it, all those hours spent typing blogs an’ suchlike,  keeping in touch with people online. It’s amazing how you’re drawn into connecting with otherwise unknown people. How you create a picture in your mind about them, draw your own conclusions about their lives from the information given and vice versa of course. You set out your stall….to show your life and dreams..and hurts and whatever else you’d like to share and gain an insight into other peoples daily lives, aspirations and to some extent, worries and fears too. Suddenly you’re not alone. In the past, pre the Internet and it’s many ways of connect ability,  you felt alone, cut off and unaware that maybe other people were feeling the same emotions, going through their lives questioning existence and all it entails, as you were, but no way of knowing.  Now though it’s gone the other way, you have so many outlets for your needs, so many sites to ‘show’ yourself that it’s becoming manic, there’s almost an overload to your senses, and people are now turning to ‘ Web suicide’ sites, where they delete all your accounts with different social networks. Dissolving your ties with each site, be it MySpace, Facebook, etc….etc…etc….They completely cut your ties with each site one by one…FOREVER …..and you can choose to watch as they do the deadly deed :>>>>>>

Web Suicide…Delete your social networks


Not that I’m going to use the afore mentioned site, but it makes you think. If there’s a need. Where’s it going to end?……..




LadyP 2010


5 responses to “Caught in the Webbing?

  1. ηικκιħart

    Hi, thanks for the invite. it’s nice to meet you and read your space. This blog is cool, I never heard of a web suicide site before, but can see its usefulness for some who get overly addicted and manic about their websites. See you again, Nikki


  2. off the deep end… that is the question…. or is it.where to begin or should it end..where oh where…questions with no return


  3. Quite scary though. Interesting post. Take care x


  4. Wotcha Lady P… Thanks for dropping by my site. I’d like to enlighten you as to the Dooooo Do Dooooooo Dedoo doo dah dee’s but I still haven’t found out the name of it so I guess I’m in a kind of musical purgatory… Bound to play but never to know. Still worse things happen at sea like being eaten by krakens… How much is his stock worth now?… After making appearences in two Pirates Of The Caribbean (Carribean? Carribbean? CarryBeans?) he’s now in Clash Of The Titans… IN 3D!!!!!!!!… I expect him to be in a rom-com with Jennifer Anniston before the year is out.Web suicide sounds a bit ‘orrible… I did try and delete my site once… Took it out to the local woods and was going to set it free but it gave me the sad puppy eyes and whined alot and in the end I just couldn’t do it.DB


  5. Yes an interesting take on Social Networking but remember this, WE the User of these Networking Arenas have the power to add or not to add as it were, I mean ALL these Live Spaces, including Facebook, MySpace and the like have Permissions set in place so that one can either share or not share, and so the User has A Controlling Edge to whatever is written there.. I guess that one just has to be Cautious of what they allow to be shown.. A very good posting Lady Pen.. Androgoth XXx


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