The Thought and The Dream

I could but dream of times gone by

when wishes might come true

I could only dream, let thoughts fly

before I dreamt of you

You fill my dreams, my waking hours

you make breathing worth the inhale

where before eyes only had time for showers

now they shine with life, without fail

I did but dream of times gone by

where wishes have come true

I love my life, the thoughts let fly

as I live and still dream through you….

LadyP © MMX



4 responses to “The Thought and The Dream

  1. Hiya LadyP?thank you for your comment………..and I am trying to concentrate on being positive, I really am…..but now I have to wait another week, Just received two letters confirming two appointments,. Strewth. ones bad enough eh?.Loved this poem….I do dabble a bit myself…You’re welcome to view any time………. bye for now Sheena…………..x


  2. Aww bless,Ur poetry is absolutely lovely Lady P, thanks for the add, hugs…Lynn xx


  3. Beautiful….


  4. This is a very nicely written piece of poetry Lady Pen,It has The Power of Thoughts and of Dreams…I Offer You This -Never Lose Sight Of A Dream…Androgoth XXx


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