Being a staunch Man United fan, I have to wish them success in tonight’s game against Bayern Munich, now don’t I?

Sports News Link

Sorry that the red font clashes so badly with the pink, Ghaaaastly really but I couldn’t use any other colour but red, now could I?

Whichever way it goes, we’re assured of a great match, because we never give up and play our hearts out for the Boss and the club,  until the ‘Man In Black’ blows the whistle.

Come on United!!!!


LadyP 2010


3 responses to “COME ON YOU REDS!!!

  1. He My LAdy u have a Man supporter here…YAhooi cross fingers with uMJ


  2. Yup! It had to be red font! And yup again….you most definately did have to wish Man U success in tonight’s game! Go Man U!! ;))


  3. Yes Did I Hear Somewhere That David Beckham Is Returning There Soon? It Was Never The Same After He Left… Everyone Seems To Be A Man United Fan.. lol Hope You Are Having A Chilled Out Weekend Lady Pen.. Androgoth XXx


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