What Happened?

I’m in total shock. There I was, wearing my lucky Man U shirt, (well you have to don’t you?) listening to the game on Radio5Live, and it seemed to be working. We (Wayne), scored in the second minute, but this seemed to make us a bit lax, not pushing as hard as we should.  We had other chances but the first half finished 0-1 to Man U.

Bayern are a great team but I thought, from the commentary, that we more than held them back, defense wise, Wayne punched holes in their defense and, as usual, Van der Saar had a blinder of a game. Shame that Garry Neville gave away a free kick so close to the box, hand ball isn’t good, and the resulting goal was almost a done deal. 1 –1 isn’t too bad, I thought, we can always get another, we’re the masters of the late goal.    Oh boy , we had chance after chance, but that doesn’t help. we LOST . 2-1 in the dying seconds of the match. They scored their second goal leaving a floored Wayne, clutching his ankle… and on Sky Sports News we saw the sad picture of him being helped off the pitch, limping badly.  >>>>

Wayne Rooney Injury

I know it’s only the first leg of the Champions League,   and we meet them on home ground on April 7th, and we’ll win,     but Wayne’s injury was a blow,     a real blow on top of the loss.

I think I’ll have a second cup of coffee and recover slowly, very slowly!!!


LadyP- 2010

2 responses to “What Happened?

  1. Edwin van der Sar is one of ours (lol) Im Dutch /belgian )he is awesome guy..and always stays himself.and WAyne indeed first minuts wowow… super..but sad…we lost P.but stay positiv and pray that Wayne is back on his feet soon.Fingers crossedMJ


  2. I get the impression we’re not doing very well! 🙂


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