Come on You Reds!!


 United forever



 Tomorrow is another day, that’s what I told myself on Saturday when we were beaten by Chelsea, 2 – 1.
goal was yards offside, so at the very least the score should have been a draw 1 – 1.   The shame of it is, that whilst teams in the Premier League play quick, tight, exciting football, talent wise, the standard of Officials overseeing the games seem to be sadly lacking.

Enough of looking back though, as nothing can turn back time or change (some) decisions, it’s look ahead to Wednesdays 2nd leg Champions League  against Bayern Munich.   The latest news about the team is that Wayne Rooney will not be fit enough to play, which is a sad blow but whoever the Boss picks to walk out onto the pitch at Old Trafford, will be ready to do what needs to be done.   WIN. 


LadyP 2010United forever


3 responses to “Come on You Reds!!

  1. go team angel eyes


  2. I don’t bother with football but hope your team wins hon. Good luck X


  3. Hi LadyP, Your football commentary is interesting. Almost makes me want to be a fan. Peace


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