Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I waved farewell to my hairstyle,

as I walked outside the front door,

As the wind played about and my hair stood on end

I wished I could sink through the floor.

All the combing and brushing that morning

was completely lost in a trice

As I walked down the street, hair over eyes, totally blind,

I wished I was bald, . . . wouldn’t that be nice?


If everyone was follicly challenged,

no problem surely there’d be?

as all that would show is the shape of your head

and a highly polished pate, you see?

BUT thinking again it would show up the ears,

sticking out as they do, one each side,

at least with hair, they’re covered safely away

That decided, on windy days .  .   . I’ll just hide.




LadyP ©   2010

10 responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

  1. Oh I like this,Hope you are having a good week take careSue


  2. As one who has high maintenance hair I fully agree with that very witty poem. I gave myself a perm about three weeks ago and when its washed and dries looks just like a Brillo pad, I could scream so it has to be tweaked and pampered every day.


  3. i love this angel eyes


  4. Hehehehehe, Brilliant! I straightne mine, go out int2 the drizzle & the wind & I look like I have just plugged myself in!!! Hoep u have a Wonderful resta day! Luv PF XXX


  5. me pate it do glowa shiny reflectionplease do borrowfor a fine mirrorit does relect the beauty of your trussesahh the wind it is a equalizer


  6. Christine tuley

    Thanks fo the giggle!


  7. How refreshing that was lady P, made me really smile,Bless you for sharing your humour, lol…Hugs…Lynn xx


  8. Totally understandOh to be a man.That was very good hon,Youv’e made me smile. Thank you X


  9. follicly challenged reminds me of a blog i wrotetimes its good to be bald when u dont need to comb now and thenthanks for the comment


  10. HIHI so true.women recognise themselves in ur story here.he abt my problem…u have it right…just the truth .and it will work i know…the liar knows so he will end the lies…and see what it bringsfriendship based on lies never survivesenjoy the weekendMJ


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