The Empty Page.

The need is there to write in rhyme,

although it takes a longer time,

to search for meanings that make sense,

to pen my thoughts with no pretense


The blank page beckons, ‘fill me please’

and sometimes I can with such ease

but on occasion I sit and stare

as inspiration just leaves me there


Thoughts are strange, there’s no doubt,

but always there to help you out

until suddenly an idea takes form

and your fingers fly, the keyboard’s warm


The finished poem is there on the screen

tho’ you wonder to someone else will it seem

nothing very special, or worthy of note

but you hope they like the poem you wrote.


The trouble is, it’s been a part of me

started from an idea, it just grew, you see?

wouldn’t let up ‘til I’d finished the whole

clicked ‘Publish’, let it go, hopefully not an ‘own goal.’




LadyP © 2010


A Lovely Manchester United Gif Animation Pictures, Images and PhotosThe reference Own Goal, makes me remember this weekend’s football result for Man U,  A nil-nil draw is not a tragedy but it would have eased the chase for the top position of the Premier League to have leap-frogged over Chelsea. Ah Well, no use crying over spilt milk.!!



5 responses to “The Empty Page.

  1. I love your poem, that just how I feel sometime about bloggingI hope you have a wonderful weektake careSue


  2. HIHI Manu im supporting also as u know …best poems are written when the poet is emotional..wonderful wordstx for sharing my friend\MJ


  3. I love your poemThere is no doutThis is mineThat’s why, it does not ryme.Keep it up girl, your doing good. Take care X


  4. Great Poem! Hope u have a Wonderful day 2day, the sun’s out my end & it’s looking good! Luv PF XXX


  5. Hi LadyP, You said how I feel on my space most of the time. Only so much more creatively than I can. Thank you for commenting on my post. Peace


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