Dark Thoughts

I can forgive, I’ve learned that much

I can forget, as you didn’t touch

the core inside me, shining bright

but dark thoughts roam wild in the dead of night


IN the night my mind hears the words again

the well aimed barbs that bring a sharp breath of pain,

Did I really deserve the bitter personal attack?

If I did, then I’m sorry, but I take nothing back


We all have to live with the things we do,

but we all have to choose the path we take too,

In this you are not worthy of any more thought

begone from my mind, you are not who I sought


I looked for one who could help me live,

my life to the utmost, to whom I would give

everything I was, I am and will possibly be

The future now holds promise, as I hold the key


The key to happiness? Is it possible you ask?

Yes, I’m sure it exists if you’re up to the task

See each day as a new start, as a page virgin white

then you won’t be troubled by dark thoughts in the dead of night.


LadyP © 2010





8 responses to “Dark Thoughts

  1. Lady Penelope..Definitely An Interesting Poem Here My Friend..In The Darkness Where Fractures Of Time Loom OverheadDeep Into The Shadows Lurking Is Fragments Of The DeadLingering Ghouls Wandering Through The Death Of Night Creating Imagery in The Psyche To Give Thee A Nasty FrightBlood Curdling Events To Fuel A Nightmare Running DeepBut Do Not Fear These Visions As Thou Art Just Fast AsleepAwakening Now, Likened To A Frightening Hypnotic TranceThou Wonders What Triggered This Most Darkened Glance?Cheese Before Bedtime Is Never Recommended Me ThinksOr Maybe It’s Just This Crazy Comment, A Poem That Stinks?I Like Your Blog Poem My Friend And Will Call Back Later ToRead Your Previous Offerings.. Be Very Well Lady Penelope..Androgoth XXx


  2. That was lovely and it hit a spot for me


  3. Tx LAdy P..for ur sweet words yessssss we stay fan …for always …yepMAnu willbe back….Keep smiling MJ


  4. Well said, lady P!


  5. Oh,very good Lady P. I will remember this one. Thank you. Take care X


  6. Christine tuley

    Very good my dear! You should be published!


  7. very good honest truth angel eyes


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