The Hanging Question?

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

tell me the truth or not at all

tell me who will win the race

tell me who will stand the pace

from now until the 6th May

we’ll be bombarded with all they say

They promise much, as they want your vote

they’ll juggle, do cartwheels and even coat

the bitter pill of recession with sugar for all

Tell me true Mirror Mirror on the wall.


Mirror Mirror on the wall

tell me true, don’t just cough and stall

can you give me a quick preview

am I Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue?

Should I believe anything they all say?

after the expenses row, and their pay,

they still think nothing of excepting a bung

so maybe the answer is they should be HUNG?

Mind you, a hung parliament would be no joke

agreeing on issues or else they’d choke

the seeds of democracy, nothing getting through

Mirror, Mirror is this the answer? tell me true.



LadyP © 2010


I must admit, first thought on the words ‘hung parliament’, I saw the macabre scene in my head, of row upon row of lampposts full of hung politicians.  Maybe just an indication of my strange humour as I couldn’t stop laughing!!!





10 responses to “The Hanging Question?

  1. great poems sound like here so muchWell said Take careSue


  2. Very good Lady P. Im like you, what way to vote……….. It is because we know that what they say now, is not what they do when they get in……. Yes you did give me a chuckle. Thank you Take care X


  3. Very good one…have nice day..


  4. yes i say most are scoundrels angel eyes


  5. haha LAdy Pu started to make a movie out of ur poem..u wrte awesometc for sharingMJ


  6. Love yer humor. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Brilliant, I’m watching it on TV right now, and I’ll bet a lolly to a Lexus it won’t make any diference to people’s opinions, there all a load of crooks.


  8. Lady Penelope..Yes A Rather Fitting Poem Here (Fitting.. As In Ropes Around Necks As It Were.. lol) There Is Nothing Quite Like A Touch Of Aptly Pointed Humour Added To Such A Miserable Bunch Of.. Well You Know? lol A Fine Offering My Friend. Be well Now..Androgoth XXx


  9. Christine tuley

    Thanks for the poem! Gave me quite the chuckle!


  10. Lady Penelope..A Hung Parliament – Hindsight Or Foresight? An Interesting Twist Is It Not? Have A FuntasticRest Of Day Lady Penelope.. Be Good Now..Androgoth XXx


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