HI Ho, Hi Ho,

Off to Blackpool we go, just visiting relatives., but I hope the sun shines brightly.uk-map

Wishing everyone a marvellous week-end, bye for now. (now where’s my bucket n’ spade?)


PS/ I have to do a poem, it’s almost second nature. (sorry)

LIfe’s Riddles.

If life is a riddle ,

riddle me this,

would you rather a hug

or a full blown kiss?

would you rather a promise

or a present that’s true

would you rather a surprise

or something you knew?

would you rather see the stars

in the heavens above

or the stars in the eyes

of the one that you love?


LadyP © 2010


10 responses to “HI Ho, Hi Ho,

  1. hiddy ho… all the bestestest


  2. lovely and have a great weekend angel eyes


  3. I’d rather see, what you make with your bucket & spade……….. Have a good trip Lady P. Take care X


  4. Hope you have a wonderful weekendtake careSue


  5. Lady Penelope..Hope Your Stay In Sunny Scorching Hot BlackpoolIs A Very Excitingly Naughty One.. Have Lots Of Fun..Androgoth XXx


  6. All of the above for me. BTW, I’m a man who loves chocolate also; semi-sweet dark in my favorite. Hope you have a pleasant visit and a safe trip home. Woke up this morning and the allergies had turned my eye lids to glue….a poem for you.J.W.L.


  7. What a clever poem, I don’t like surprises much, always afraid I’ll re-act wrongly, but seeing my dog each day will do for me.Hope you enjoy Breezy Blackpool but with loads of sunshine.Thanks for the comment in my GB on my colliepaintings website, much appreciated, so tell me more about your collie, and a pic too please.


  8. Hi LadyP, Have a safe an pleasant journey. I like your poem. Mostly I like the stars in my lovers eyes when he looks at me. Beautiful. Peace


  9. Hi Lady PIt is very happy to hear that you are going to see relatives.. it is a nice experience always..Enjoy and have a wonderful holidayCha


  10. I’d rather a hug and kiss as well.a true promise, should be easy to tell.suprise me with something brand new,like the stars in the heavens,reflected by you.


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