Coffee Break!


The Week-end was fun, the company was marvellous and I even managed to keep an eye on the Manchester derby, between Man United and Man City on Saturday, with United up to their nail biting best, keeping everyone in suspense by scoring the only goal of the match in injury time.  We’re still in the title race.  Yippeeee!!!

Hope you all had a great week-end.

Now, here’s a taste of a story I started and have never finished, maybe, just maybe, reading it again I’ll get a few ideas.   Coffee cup in hand.   .    .   .   . . .


“Well, what have we here?"  the voice, sudden, cutting into the quiet of the night, startled and shocked her, guiltily swinging round she faced the direction it came from. There before her stood the most scary figure she’d seen in a long time. Tall, he must be all of 6′ 6" at  least. Dark, wearing a top coat of black leather, face covered in a beard, bushy and also very black, he almost seemed to radiate darkness. The thought drifted into her head, I wonder, are his teeth pointed? Shaking her head to clear it, she tried to bluff her way out of the situation.  She pointed vaguely down the cliff face towards the visible snaking road below   "My car…. It broke down a few miles back…"  Injecting some warmth into her tone, to try and appear calm and composed, as if she had a purpose, an honest purpose.  She’d always found it difficult to lie, never able to meet anyone’s eye if she even tried,  but hopefully this time It  would work?  It MUST work. Looking at him through her eyelashes, she found him staring hard at her face, trying to stare her down and she must admit, it wouldn’t take much to get her taking to her heels, running off as if the hounds of hell were after her.  Just breathe slowly, she told herself, smile, keep eye contact,  go on, smile damn it!! She felt her lips arching upwards in the travesty of a smile. He must think she was quite, quite mad. "Surely you have a mobile to ring for assistance?"  His voice sounded quite sarcastic to her ears.  She kept eye contact, widened her eyes and smiled again. He was apparently quite used to this ‘feminine wile’ approach and sullenly glared back. Think again then?…come on… think.  Faint? No, she didn’t want to try that old trick, so trying to appear very composed she backed away a step, quite forgetting she was standing near a small wall,  fell elegantly over the top and before she could even utter a ladylike scream, continued right over the edge, rolling down a steep incline, a painful rocky slope, finally landing unconscious at the bottom, a full twenty feet away…


LadyP © 2010

8 responses to “Coffee Break!

  1. Looking at the top of this post I would say you owe me a big thank you…….I’ve been a Spurs supporter since I was 4yrs old, and we did you a HUUUUUGE favour at the weekend hahaha!!!Hope all is well with you?xCx


  2. love the writing glad you had a great weekend angel eyes


  3. watch out for the valcanoe dust if you go up the tower lol enjoy your visit


  4. i think you should finish this piece, who knows where it could go. Is the tall stranger a danger ,is she called Beryl and put herself in peril?


  5. Many a tales doth not find an endmany a tales in hearts deep recess spentinspired they come to lightbirds in sky bringforth beauty in flightthank you for the comment yes it means a lot to me


  6. Very interesting & compelling. You have to take this story further………….. I want to know what happens next. Take care X


  7. I think you should finish it. Any more of that coffee?


  8. Heart..Renaissance Man

    at first glance reminds me of Alice and the rabbit hole…. or not.. writing is like supper.. the longer you dwell on it the worse it will smell… or not.. ;o)


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