There’s a long, thin mirror in the hall,

we hung it sideways on the wall,

it see’s us when we come and go,

if it cares at all it doesn’t show,

It reflects what’s true, it shares extra light

yet it changes faces in the velvet pool of night

Daylight reflection is normal and happy

but night doth fall and it turns snappy

Your face looks white, your eyes shine black

your teeth seem fanglike, ready to hack

at unwary necks, bared to the bite

Yes, everything changes in the darkness of night.

Is it the mirror’s fault? Is it showing true?

Is it just my mind? I leave the answer to you!!


LadyP  © 2010





12 responses to “Image-inings!!

  1. Hi Lady PWhat a thoughtful poem..and how true…if the mirror can speak out it will reveal the real nature of all human beingsThanks for sharing this wonderful poemcha


  2. I love this poem! Thanks for sharing Lady Penelope


  3. love this used to write vamo stuff when i was in high school angel eyes


  4. Like this poem very muchHope your having a good day Take careSue


  5. Hi Lady P, Thanks for the invite, which I have gratefully accepted :-), and for your kind words.You are always welcome to pop in, though at the moment I don’t seem to have very much time to update the darned thing, what with going to Wembley all the time ( and losing- as you say enough said about that), and general life type things getting in the way.Also sometimes the language is a bit er….. on the blue side, and I do give ManU a bit of stick,especially Sralex so I apologise in advance :-)Your poems are very good lady P, they are easy to read and are very entertaining. From a quick look around I qiute like Life’s Riddles, though Questions must run a close second.. Thanks for sharing your words, I’ll be back for seconds later if that’s ok?Take care M’lady, it’s very nice to meet you, and I’m sure I’ll get over you being a ManU supporter ( at least you are from Manchester 🙂 only joking .. honest!!)Love n hugs xxx


  6. Christine tuley

    I love your poems, I look forward to them with much delight, especially when you describe the night. Your astute description of dark and light, makes for a very thought provoking site!


  7. Fab Lady P…………… You just have a way to describe everyday things in a interesting way…………………I’m sure your eyes don’t look that bad at night & if they do, your working toooooooooooo hard. Take care X


  8. Is that yourlife style Lady P? as you said you can changing around to happir evenings? that make your family happir:-)Our womens minds are all in our mind lets make us happily every days……Big Hugs,though you are very tall lady thats impossible to hugs you I am only 5 feet smiles! Michiko


  9. That’s very kind of you my dear, I too shall be rooting for ManU on saturday against good old honest ‘arry’s gang of cockney mercenaries, as the city of manchesters 2 teams could do us a big favour in the coming weeks :-)Do you manage to get to any of the matches?I’ve been a few times with the Villa (didn’t go this season and look what happened! ) ,and also in the 60’s.Apparently, I was taken there by my grandfather,when I were a lad, but I can’t remember much about it, or who played, or even what the score was.I do remember playing on Bury’s ground ( Gigg Lane, my grandparents lived just round the corner) and getting chased off by the groundsman, and I remember walking to the ground down cobbled streets, and going to the park etc, but I wasn’t sure whether that was folklore either, so me & the trouble and strife actually went to Bury for a day out ( have a look at the Paris , London Bury entry in June 2007, it explains what I’m on about- if you can be bothered that is 🙂 )Anyway time to go, hope you are enjoying the sun ( unless it’s raining up there! ) Enjoy the game on Saturday, and hopefully ( i can’t believe I’m saying this ) ManU will spank SpursSee you soonlove n hugsxxx


  10. ηικκιħart

    Hi Lady P,I love your poem! I’ve seen mirrors that are slightly "off", like if you stand a certain way things go kind of warped or strange, there definitly can be something spooky about a mirror at night.Hope you’re having a wonderful evening, Big hugs, Nikki


  11. Wonderful U write awesome. Thumbd upThey say the eyes are the mirror of the soul isn;t it…??? An can we cheat NO!!!!!!!but we can make faces nd cheat on the mirror…..or do we cheat ourselves then??tc Lady Pkeep on writing..MJ


  12. Lady Penelope..Don’t worry you’re not a Vampire..If you were that mirror would castNo Reflection whatsoever.. So Youare safe.. Just make sure there’s noimpression marks on your neck.. lolHave a Vampire Free Evening now..Androgoth XXx


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