Two Loves Are Better Than One?


On the silver screen you shine,

never destined to be mine,

I love you in your pirate clothes.

Am I a fetishist? Heaven knows!!!

But Pirates 4 is coming soon

2011, without Orlando Bloom?

can’t wait to see it, excitements growing

Captain Jack Sparrow, I’m all but glowing.


Sorry, slightly out of breath here, been reading up about POTC 4, and can’t wait to see Johnny Depp as the Fantastic, Sexy, Incorrigible Captain Jack again in the latest Pirates of The Caribbean,  On Stranger Tides. Photobucket

I don’t know what it is about Johnny BUT whatever it is  ‘It’ works for me!!!!!


Meanwhile, trying to concentrate on reality, Man United meet Spurs tomorrow, and we have to win to be still in with a chance of beating Chelsea in the Title race.

So, “Come On You Reds!!!”Photobucket


8 responses to “Two Loves Are Better Than One?

  1. Me too i just love Johnny depp…Have a great weekend..


  2. pirates good . man u. hhmmm! me millwall supporter ugh


  3. He is handsome, no dout about that. Hope your team wins. Take care & enjoy your weekend X


  4. Hope your team winHave a good weekend Take careSue


  5. I think it always nice to meet a good looking man …well I can understanding that way for works for man too:-)Hopefully your team win to make you happier….Have a great weekend, we having a long weekend till Monday.


  6. OOOOOHH! jack Sparrow angel eyes


  7. ηικκιħart

    I have to agree that Johnny Depp leaves me a little breathless too, there’s something irrisitabley handsome and sexy about him!Hope you’re having a great weekend.Hugs, Nikki


  8. Lady Penelope..A true romanticist I see, well there is nothing wrong with legend as it were, the romance of Pirates, wickedly enchanting and sometimes rather cavalier characters take us into another time slot, perhaps the reminiscence of an age gone by where Pirates sailed the seas often being driven to the edge of a waiting plank, more often than not at the point of a sword, yes a very intriguing script giving us the reader an in depth glimpse into your world of fantasy. Have a wicked and naughty Pirate rest of a day my good friend.


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