Questions, Questions!

Are you
ready to meet your maker?

I heard
the voice say,

IT gave
me quite a shock

so I
didn’t answer straight away,

It made
me think and ponder

about the
things I’d yet to do

so, I
still held my tongue,

really, wouldn’t you?

Are you
ready, the voice repeated,

and I
wondered at the tone,

sounded almost angry,

but I was
thinking about what I’d done,

who I’d
met and where I’d been

If I was
happy deep inside,

had I
lived up to my potential?

or had my
personal dreams just died?

The voice
had gone quite silent,

no easy
answer could I give,

Was I
asking myself the question,

based on
how I chose to live?

Was I
happy with the paths I’d taken,

At the
end would I regret and sigh?

Or would
I turn about and scarper,

‘cos I want to live, I don’t want to die!!.

LadyP ©

7 responses to “Questions, Questions!

  1. Hi Lady PThanks for the nice comment…What a thoughtful poem…Yes.. I too all the time question myself am I ready to leave this life?The answer is not clear… But oneday we all have to leave it..So why do we have to worry… We’ll just face it with a smile …Have a very wonderful dayCha


  2. life is a gift cherished to livelife is a fragrance to share and giveLife is not measured by successlife doth not punish the losersDeath an undefiled virgintimes it doth ease the paintimes its sorrows haunt againdeath and birth undefinedto die and to live a destinys choice


  3. Make you think Lady P. I am not ready to meet my maker, not yet. Take care X


  4. Hi Lady PYes you are correct… the recent volcanic eruption is a good example for this… Fire and Ice…. and the top of it human desire and hatred destroy our planet moreHope that you have a lovely day.cha


  5. "Would I regret and sigh" I think you would not. Your words speak of that which be the question, that has not an answer. When upon that far shore we walk; regret will be not apart. What is will be the fond memories of who and what we are….Peace to YouMark


  6. Words to make us thinkHope all is well with youtake careSue


  7. pause to pomder dee


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