Thoughtful Knots.. .. ..


If a question has no answers,

does the question cease to be?

Or does it become a simple truth,

that no-one seems to see?


IF an answer is found,

when the question wasn’t asked

does the answer become a statement

or just a matter of fact?


In answer to the question,

If it was a question or was it not,

the answer lies somewhere between

Now, what question have you got?

LadyP   © 2010


11 responses to “Thoughtful Knots.. .. ..



  2. Sorry, I just have to go and lie down now.!!! all this thinking is having a bad effect!! :-)..


  3. Hi Lady P, What is the reason for going on? How do I get myself in these situations? Where are we going next? and my favorite, Are we ther yet? Have a great week. Peace


  4. Lady Penelope..An interesting twist on Question Time.. or is itjust a wicked riddle you’ve got us all reading? lolHave a wonderful rest of evening now.. Lady P..Androgoth XXx


  5. ohh Lady Pi read again and againits beautiful and same time it stays a question..loltc and tx for the beautiful butterfly giftMJ


  6. Ha ha! Loved it! FAB! Depends on whether u are the enquirer or the answerer!!! ROFL!!! Hope u have a Wonderful Evening! Luv PF XXX


  7. It has to be a question, surely. My heads in a muzle now, lol. Take care X


  8. Lady Penelope..Thank You For Commenting On My Last ScrawlIt is Indeed Much Appreciated.. Have a Really WickedThursday With Lots Of Creativity.. Be Good Now..Androgoth XXx


  9. Read this for a long time, the page stared at me as if seeking an answer,I read it reverse from the bottom line to top.try the last line as not to the questions you have gotand read it upward. times not all answers got to our why?


  10. Loved it! I want to print it off and post it in my office. May I ?


  11. So many of us go through life searching for an answer but don’t ask everyone we come in contact with. Of course if we do we may get taken away and put in a strait jacket. How do I know you don’t have the answer I seek unless I ask you? :o)


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