My name is not important , the Ancient Stranger said to me,

Please just sit awhile now, under this spreading tree,

So I sat down near beside her and wondered for a while,

about the sparkle in her eye and the brilliance of her smile.

Her large round face was kindly, so no fear did I feel,

but as her words enfolded me,  my mind began to reel,

with all the information that from her mouth did pour,

including my life ‘til now, and my heart, it did soar.

I wondered at her knowing, what was important to me,

and pondered why she told her tale under the spreading tree,

Was I near Death? Was I being warned to mend my wicked ways?

She made me feel quite guilty, at how I spent my empty days.

‘You have a choice’’ She finally offered, at the ending of her tale

‘But you must tread a new path, and you must not think to fail,’

AT this She rose from her seat and from her belt did take

a set of keys, so ancient, and offered ‘Take them now, for pity’s sake.’

With all that She had told me, spinning quickly through my mind,

I grasped at what I understood, and found it hard to find

any words of Sympathy for Her own life’s journeys end,

As I was her chosen replacement, Custodian of Gaia, Worlds friend.

She clasped me to her bosom, and sighed as She then let go,

You are my daughter, walk your path, your wisdom will grow,

Use the keys wisely, helping lost souls on their way,

Keep the World forever safe, don’t make me regret my choice this day.

With that She turned about her, and slowly walked away,

and it suddenly came to me,  I was on my own from this day,

MY Choice, MY task, any mistake and surely I would  fail?

but then, that’s another story, as this is the ending of my tale.


LadyP © 2010


13 responses to “Custodianship…

  1. woderful piece my friend angel eyes


  2. This is so lovely Lady P…………. Is this a mother speaken or maybe an angel? You tell a wonderful tale………… Take care X


  3. Hi Lday P,This story is a beautiful that remind me my mother and all mother’s are tryed to best for her childrens futures.Your Japanese is not bad 🙂 thank you for visit.


  4. A beautiful poemMy thoughts wander back by decades twoTimes with my father spent so fewA summer day spent in a shadeA though of a man whose dreams hath fadeA key he doth hand to meA dream in tis heart to beLet not thy heart torment when failedLet not thy dreams to fadein the sands of time thou shall findthe key to the door opens the dreams of mindcounted not by the day lostA smile of victory shall bear the cost


  5. Beautiful poem with a lot of wisdom….We all one day have to take over the keys and pass it to the next generation..What a mess :)Hope that you have a beautiful dayCha


  6. it’s times like this when i go on other sites that i think how stupid i was in my early days not to go to school or even when i did not to take any notice when i look at what i may have been able to do if i had .great poems may i add some to my space in my hall of fame i haave not used that in years but i think ill start it once again


  7. somebody talked … your ears listen very wellto all there is the record… may my ears be open


  8. Lady P what can i say??its beautiful and filled with wisdomwe learn from the generation before us.we live like we are told..and have dreamsOne day we are a way that we miss our guidance But we have to have somuch experience that we can handlethe road thats called and enjoy the new dayMJ


  9. You have written not from your heart but a memory of your Soul ,you have witnessed the passing of the keys to wisdom and eternal life , you will encompass those words in the memory of your Soul which will be your guide in your sojourn in this life , then and when your time arrives , you will pass on the keys of love , the keys of life and the keys of wisdomIan aka Emu


  10. Hi LadyP, I like this beautiful poem. It inspires me to want to take better care of the world that I live in. I hope I am teaching my grandbabies that it is a worthwhile task. Peace


  11. Absolutely brilliant! The tricky thing about destiny, or fate in general, is that it’s not as set-in-stone. Yes, I do believe that we can indeed change our destiny. But we need to sometimes shut the outer world and listen to the inner world to get that hint.


  12. Lady Penelope..A very thought provoking entry here that in my own opinion adds another ingredient, it gives the reader an in depth feel of life in its essence, a chance to rekindle any misspent time and reprocess those ideas by moulding them into a greatly improved conclusion. Nicely written my good friend.Androgoth XXx


  13. thats lovely to read your very talented lady p enjoyed that read a lot


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