Young Siblings,

I didn’t break it,

the young voice loudly said,

I’m sure it was like that,

 before it hit his head.

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I’m quite sure you did it,

don’t you remember lifting it high?

tripping over, hitting your own head

why try to blame me?  Why.. .. ?

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How could I have done it, 

the voice went on to say,

I’ve been playing outside,

it’s so boring today

 rev arrow

I never touched it,

it was either her or him,

putting things in the socket?

I’m really not that dim.

 rev arrow

I didn’t lose or drop it,

I wasn’t at all to blame

always someone other than me

oh, hang your head in shame

 rev arrow

Who did what and to whom?

Our Mother tried to sort,

picture our faces angelic

til the guilty one was caught.

 rev arrow

Memories from the distant past,

as siblings fight and play,

accusations flying wild and free,

remembered to this day !!


LadyP © 2010

11 responses to “Young Siblings,

  1. Very touching…have nice day…


  2. Hi Lady P,We all enjoy our little fights with siblings when grown up and remembered…Warm fighting is better than cold distance from them..Have a great daycha


  3. haha yes fights with siblings.loli agree with Cha her commentwell i had big sis and big bro…and i was always behind my bro ass. lolwell no fights.. We were sweet…and my parents were like….laser eyes…always knew the one that did it.awesome poem Lady Pur goodMJ


  4. why admit when to blame is no consquences forthcoming


  5. wasn’t me kids angel eyes


  6. Hi LadyP, Boy, do I remember many conversations such as this growing up. Now I hear it with my grandbabies. My daughter did not experience it. That is one of the joys of having an only child. Thanks for reminding me. Peace


  7. A lots of meaning of in these young siblings Iam only child but imaginable of these things 🙂


  8. From an early age we learn that doing something that causes harm or something that is against the rules is to be avoided. And soon after, we also learn to provide exclamations and/or excuses to avoid being punished. Subsequently, we learn to avoid responsibility and/or pass responsibility to others when we are caught doing something that is inappropriate. There were four of us boys growing up in our house and my mother often would refer to us as 1) "I didn’t do it!" 2) "It wasn’t me!" 3) "I don’t know" and 4) “you can’t blame me” ….. bwahahaha! Oh, the good old days, when we thought that we were invincible and smarter than the average adult. :o)


  9. Oh yes to fight with one brothers or sister lolwhat memoriesTake careSue


  10. That’s right. Seth, and those who never outgrew the blame shifting went into politics!


  11. I don’t mind taking the blame, my friends will get me out of jail.


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