A Stranger Knocking..


An urgent knock upon my door, I answered straight away,

for the weather was appalling, I said ‘Come in don’t delay’

A stranger stood before me, his gaze was strong and true

he said ‘Have you food for one other’, and I replied ‘Yes, I do’

I know it was foolhardy, to have let a stranger in

but how could I ignore a want, filling the table, I said ‘please begin’

I filled and filled that table, until there was nothing left,

not one morsel passed my lips, I was feeling quite bereft,

The stranger ate all the food that was set before him there

until finally he was replete and slowly sank back in the chair.

He said ‘Thank you for your kindness, You have fed the world this night’

with that he totally disappeared and my head, it felt quite light,

Suddenly through the darkness, where the flickering candle didn’t reach

came a voice so beloved of me, that my heart, it missed a beat

It was my own true sweetheart, lost a year or nearly two

and there he was, a solid form, Thanks to you stranger, My Thanks to YOU…..


LadyP © 2010


12 responses to “A Stranger Knocking..

  1. BRILLAINT! LOVED IT! WELL DONE! Hope u have a lovely resta evening, Luv PF XXX


  2. wonderfuk kove angel eyes


  3. Oh that was beautiful Lady P…………. So moving…………. Take care X


  4. Well done!


  5. Lady Penelope..A nice piece of writing here Lady Penelope, one that is nicelypresented with all the right ingredients.. And with such a lovely ending too.. Androgoth XXx


  6. I think you should think of publishing your poetry, or have you done so?


  7. Wonderfully written indeed. Just like a boomerang, if we express kindness, empathy, tolerance and patience… the positive rewards are bound to come back on us.


  8. A hand reached out wanting, and you took it. Rewards you did not seek, came to you. When we give with our hearts our souls reap the reward of peace and of joy. A great work, that can not miss the soul of the living….Peace to YouMark


  9. Beautiful I like this very muchyou write from the heart Take careSue


  10. Heart..Renaissance Man

    a story with a twist.. and an interesting concept too.. fine creativity… DOn


  11. Oh, this was wonderful, Pen! I know I don’t have to tell you, but I’ll make your head swell anyway 😉 It’s such a true pleasure coming by here and reading the most wonderful things. More times than not, you have actually made my day!


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