I Wish!!


The knock came once and I ignored it,

then twice it came once more,

It seemed so much louder,

seeming to reverberate though the floor,

I reached to take the handle,

seeing as the handle worked the door,

and there on my step was a little green man,

whom I’d never set eyes on before.

He Looked up at me and I wondered

what he was wondering about down there

but apparently he could read my mind

as he admonished me ’ Hey, have a care’

From his pocket he took out a instrument,

it looked like a miniature Harp,

He said ‘Just stay quiet for a short while’

and his voice, it was really quite sharp


I thought twice about replying,

then thought about it twice again

but finally I said ‘What’s with the Harp?’

and he sighed as if he felt pain.

He waited a full minute,

then another minute more,

and I was feeling quite impatient,

as I stood there at my door,

“This Harp is none of your business,

just answer my question please,

do you have a toilet I can use?,

as my predicament you can ease”

Finally, I stepped back and pointed

at another door further inside,

At which he quickly rushed past me

leaving me with mouth open wide.



He came back to me pretty sharply,

giving me a sharp look, up and down

It made me think twice about whom I’d let in

and my face, it showed a frown

He said “Thanks so much for your willingness “

“To help a stranger in dire distress”

“I’m thinking on what to offer you in kind,

Do you have any need, Giant Mistress?”

I tried hard to think on his offer,

wishing to ask for a noble deed

whilst keeping a reign on unwary thoughts

never knowing where they might lead,

When suddenly before I could stop it,

my mind settled on a picture of Johnny Depp.

He smiled, played his harp and he conjured

Captain Jack Sparrow, right there on my step!!




johnny 15



LadyP © 2010

Ps/ For anyone sharing my ‘interest’ in Johnny, please take a look in my Guestbook, courtesy of Androgoth,  picture upon picture of the gorgeous man.  Not that looks are everything,  of course,  just a part of the whole package!!!!


8 responses to “I Wish!!

  1. oh captain jack angel eyes


  2. jack sparrow the piratehahhaha a lovely oneI do wait for a green man to knock knock on my door


  3. Johnny is more than the whole package…i love this man…have a great day dear..


  4. FANTASTIC!!! BRILLIANT!!!! Obviously green men are much more interesting *Froggie grins widely* Hope u have a Wonderful Evening! Luv PF XXX


  5. This is wonderful……………………….I always feel with your poems, that I am there!!! Your one hell of a story teller…………………. Really loved this………….Take care X


  6. I guess we don’t need to ask "What would you do-o-o for a Klondike Bar?" but rather " … "What would you do for a night with Jonny Depp?" … best put a XXX rating on your space before you answer this. :o)Great poem!!!


  7. Little green men, magical harps and Johnny Depp, huh? I think I agree with Seth.


  8. I am glad that your wish is granted. :)You should visit Sri Lanka. You will find a lot of sun shine and stretch and stretch of beautiful beaches. Sun, Sea and Sand :)Cha


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