She lay there in the darkness breathing shallow,

the end was near, she knew it was so,

Death sat beside her, a threatening figure,

He was waiting patiently for her soul to let go.




How she wished she had lived to her utmost,

her dream of traveling the world to see

everything God had Created on this planet,

sadly, for her, it was destined never to be




Her mind wandered back through her life span,

her lips formed a smile now and again

as she thought of her love, and their laughter

of their children, who would still remain




Panic took her as she felt the heat building

deep inside her, the flames grew and grew

‘til she exploded in a sheet of pure brilliance,

Out of the ashes, the Phoenix rose, and majestically flew




Yes, she’d passed on Life’s baton to another,

one who’d travel the universe, live totally free,

whilst her soul turned to the waiting dark figure,

saying, ‘Lead the way, what will be, will be!’



LadyP © 2010



9 responses to “Rebirth…….

  1. what will be will be, indeed . regrets of the unfullfilled, like fairy lights , strung through our past ., ditsract us from what we have achieved. hope , like the phoenix , rises from the ashes ,even after death . who knows ?


  2. HI Lady P,Yes… why do we have to be scared of death..Isn’t it making us free and giving us a chance to start afresh…. Just imagine if we have to live for ever.. how boring would it be Hope that you have a wonderful daycha


  3. Astutely written and true for most I suppose. As for me, I have no fear of leaving this life. My faith is strong and my heart is good thanks to that faith and the "Great Teacher". Wonderful post my new friend.J.W.L.


  4. They say death is a part of life.U write u might know we give a remember card when some one passed could be a poem for such a cardtx for sharing.death can come in a winck….and for some it takes long.My mom died 10 years…( she had alzheimer…with moments everything comes back to nowtx LAdy PMJ


  5. Hi Lady P,Re: You can’t remember about the flower’s name? The name is FUCHSIA.This is so truth that it got be on a circle otherwise in end what is likes too many people’s plus an animals lol! Nice post,


  6. What a fantastic peace of writing , you have much insight Lady Penelopeand write with much wisdom in understandingIan aka Emu


  7. Lady Penelope.In the depths of time there is an instance of pure brilliance that holds clarity, a clarity that produces an infinite glimpse into the realms of the expanses of the entire Universe. A mind blowing experience of Worlds far beyond the boundaries of the mind in a Fantastical Adventure that reaches out further in just one blink of the eye than what a life can create in a whole existence, deep into the far reaching spaces of authenticity is indeed that supplementary being, an understanding that within a second of a minute of an hour, of a day, of a month, of a year indeed a lifetime that of miniscule moments is in part a continuation of a natural life. I like this script; it is thought provoking and delivers many differing ideas. Have a wicked rest of evening Lady Penelope.Androgoth


  8. HELLO


  9. Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. There are only so many tomorrows.


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