Nonsense Rhyme..


There’s a tale I could tell, that needs telling,

maybe a story or two, to be heard,

there’s an ending to the tale, I tell you,

Now, does this sound at all absurd?


There’s a beginning to this tale, that needs telling,

there’s a middle, and more to be told,

but the ending is better than the beginning

so, shall we start there, before we grow old?


I could sing a song about the tale, that needs telling,

but my voice is not great, you see,

and the story would get lost in translation

though it would sound quite good to me.


I’ve lost the thread of this tale, that needs telling,

did I begin to tell any of it yet?

well, maybe it’s best just to leave it there,

As my tale I’ve somehow managed to forget!!


LadyP © 2010



11 responses to “Nonsense Rhyme..

  1. limirics?thanks


  2. well life is like a book yes ..u lost ur page???maybe better read from end to start life aint easyand singing under shower??lolTC LAdy P


  3. Lovely tale, made me smile………….Take care Xx


  4. cute dear angel eyes


  5. Lady Penelope..An interesting take on A Story That Was Not but stillan intriguing tale nonetheless.. Perhaps there is moreto tell? Keep writing your scripts Lady Penelope andI will be calling by to read them, do have a wonderfulrest of evening and enjoy your Friday too..Androgoth XXx


  6. That apppealed to me that did, a bit Walter dela Mare-ish, nice one. Bess has such a clever Mum, but then collies are good at that sort of thing, hugs to her from Tango


  7. hievery heart has a tale to tellsong to singwords to sharehave a lovely week end


  8. The tale many hearts fill the heavens with songs and sorrow. You are a gifted writer my new friend. I am most proud to know you in this distant friendship. You inspire.J.W.L.


  9. i wish u a wonderful weekend lady P..No more football???well had Belgium finals ysterday TC MJ


  10. Woohoo! I like the last paragraph:-) I guess Ourlife is just like the books turn page for next….keeps sing songs….


  11. um….I….er, what was this tale about? I’m so forgetful. I’m also old. It goes with the territory. I should take a lot of notes…..!! :o)This was brilliant… I think. Bwahahaha!


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