I sit and stare at the floor for answers,

it stays silent and pays me no mind,

I straighten and stare at the wall by my side,

it’s just as dumb, but I’m being unkind,

If this was a story the wall would talk to me,

the rug on the floor would suddenly fly me away,

to distant lands that would offer adventure,

now, that would really make my day.

Maybe the door to the closet would open,

and I would see a new world to explore,

I would step right through in my nightclothes,

never noticing, wanting to experience more.

Or that book would fly down from the bookcase,

and open wide of it’s own accord,

and the story within will take life and form,

May-hap a Knight fighting with a Magic Sword,

Or maybe a Wizard with his life in danger,

casting spells to help gain the upper hand,

searching for answers to a worthy and noble quest,

in a magical and long forgotten land.

But, alas,  the floor still gives no answers,

the wall just stands there, making me feel absurd,

as I look about there’s nothing of note happening,

Hold fast though, maybe I just need a magic word?


LadyP © 2010



10 responses to “Abracadabra?……

  1. To converse with wall is beyond magic it is the quest’s end to journeyTo walk the carpet magic is tripping the horizon at rainbow end


  2. Heart..Renaissance Man

    hocus pocus :0} wait thats two isnt it?. imagine.


  3. answers to out constant companions dee


  4. maybe one day,who knows ?


  5. I hope you find that magic word………………..If your rug starts to fly, come on over……………..Take care X


  6. Lady Penelope..In The Mind There Are Many Wicked And Wonderful Adventures To Unfold.. Enter Into The World Of illusion Where Fantastical Dreams Of Wonder Are Written Into That Neverending And Most Exciting World Of Fantasia.. Wizards, Knights And Noble Kings Await Thee.. Just Slip Into The Time Stream And Continue Onwards Venturing Every Avenue Of Your Inner Thought Processes.. But Most Of All seek Out Thine Own Magic, Creating Those Awesome Imaginations Where fantasy And Reality Collide.. Be Very Well Lady Penelope And Keep Writing Thy Poetry.. As Thou Art Enjoying The Wondrous Flow Of Wordage As Indeed Are Everyone That Visits Your Space..Androgoth XXx


  7. Oh the joys of letting our imagination run wild. My imagination does whatever it wants and wonders off by itself all the time. It’s a great break from reality. How else do you think I can survive in this world? :PWonderfully written.


  8. You remind me of Sheherazade, telling your tales of 1001 nights to your Prince JD perhaps?Love it.


  9. ηικκιħart

    Hi Lady P,Wonderful story, I’ve often wished my rug would fly me away!Hope you’re having a great week so far.Hugs, Nikkihttp://i43.tinypic.com/b7yxl5.gif


  10. Beautiful imaginative writing , I could visualize the picture created by your words , well doneIan aka Emu


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