I E, I E, I ODE!!



The Sun through the window, calls me to play,

saying, don’t sit at the PC wasting your day,

come out and frolic, let your mind just roam free,

Leave the keyboard to itself, come sit with me.

I answer so sweetly,’  Just a few things to do,

then I’ll come outside and be there with you,’

but alas and alack, as the words leave my mouth

my good temper vanishes, going north or was it south?

Rev Arrow

Suddenly without warning the IE browser starts to stall,

the gif I am ‘adding’ vanishes,  I can’t find it all,

someone’s page won’t respond, and there’s nothing to do

Internet Explorer is busy, It’s “Outer Limits” for you.


You’re a tease and you show it, dealing a full body blow,

By saying ‘Your connections wrong, didn’t you know?’

‘Cannot display that Webpage, need any help at all?’

but alas, too late for that, as ‘helpfully’ my head hits the wall..


Oh Internet Explorer, you … browser you….,

Will you please stop scrounging all of my CPU

Leave me in peace until I search for a cure,

Google Chrome’s first choice, it keeps my thoughts Oh So Pure.!!




LadyP © 2010


7 responses to “I E, I E, I ODE!!

  1. yes me too outside my exercise bike help dee


  2. I agrees with you on first paragraph you go to under the sun while you can than you can spend time for internet?I think internet are good for fit in times. I don’t want to spent time all day….I ‘ll use Google it is very handy to and I have had learnt a lots of things:-)Have a great day,Michiko


  3. Yep many times good intentions turn sour as the net develops a mind of its own , for its trying to tell you that it runs you , you dont control it , same with my mouse as it hits the wallIan aka Emu


  4. Lady Penelope..There’s Nothing Quite Like A Nice RelaxingSit In The Garden Is There? Well There Is But..Right It’s Into The Fridge Time, Yes Take ThatNicely Chilled Bottle of Blossom Hill.. The RedIs Our Favourite And Just Sip From The Glass,Taking In The Fine Tranquility Of The Moment..Have A Wicked Rest Of Day Lady Penelope..Androgoth XXx


  5. What did we do with our time before computers stole our souls?I think we should all take your excellent advice and go outside and soak up the sun.


  6. It is a pest when the damm thing doesn’t work………….. Lady P, we don’t get that much summer weather, you might as well enjoy while you can………………You can make a poem out of anything, fab……………..Take care X


  7. LOL I couldn’t have put it better myself, LadyP we have the same problems eh?. I just had to come back and re-read it, just to imprint it on my mind.


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