Love & Life ..

I love you,

three small words which stand on their own,

they mean so much when spoken true,

they promise the Earth, they say you’re beloved,

They’re a gift to last your whole life through.


I need you,

makes me wonder ..  how long will it last

do you need me to help in some way?

I love and need you, makes more sense to me,

I need you to love me, come what may.


I want you,

speaks to me of a short-lived life,

it says we’ll have a high time .. then it’s all over,

but I love you, I need you, I want you, my own,

Fills my heart, you are my life, you are my lover…

LadyP © 2010

11 responses to “Love & Life ..

  1. Beautiful Lady P……………Have you had your poems published? I see you stopped of for a visit, thank you my friend……………Have a fantastic weekend. X


  2. really great angel eyes


  3. Lady Penelope..Yes these words mean everything when spoken in the true meaning of love, beautiful words, creating feelings that are etched deep within the heart, feelings that resonate happiness with an infinity of true emotions.. A very nice poem Lady Penelope..Androgoth XXx


  4. Hi Lady P,As always you have a beautiful poems:-) Without love that how we can live in the world ?It should be both way..otherwise never happier in end.As you know I married to an Australian man we both work hard to maintain our happily ourlives :-)Have a great weekend,Michiko


  5. Hi Lady P,I think the best way to keep love simple …..Now a days we have made our lives so complicated so, we tend to evaluate everything in corporate manner…I sincerely hope I too can practice selfless loveHope that you have a wonderful dayCha


  6. Christine tuley

    Miss P, your prose lovely as ever. I have not stopped by for some time. You are in my thoughts annd hope you are well.


  7. You are a wonderful writer Lady. I admire what flows from your heart. With me, it’s usually just an epiphany that are few and far between. Thank you for sharing such true and lovely words with this stranger. I have a question you might be able to help with…..My facial skin is oily yet develops dry flaking skin that I have yet to find a cream or exfoliator that helps much. It is not a medical condition, but rather a product of allergies or medication is my best guess. Do you know of any products I might use on a daily basis to help with this flaky facial skin? Strange question, but I saw the Max Factor logo and thought I would ask. Smile much, love many and always remain true to Miss P.J.W.L.


  8. I don’t get the plea ‘I want you or I need you’ any more, but I do get ‘I love you Mum’ from my daughters, and these four words mean the world to me. Beautiful words as usual from your pen.


  9. I love u…is the one and only lady PI want u….i need u is totally stays well when its true lovealthough these days ppl say so easy…I Love uthe words mean more than just a 3 letter goes deep very deep in the heartLove is a topic…the whole world write about.every day every momenttc and my new blog is growing…It needs a lot of work..but i could not wait to visit my friendsMJ


  10. I Love youwords from the heart uttered in silencewords from the eyes y tearsWords from from the hands that hold in painwords from lips with a smileI love u words not just spokenwords lived and felt by deeds and actiona lovely poem


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