Magic Moments…


As I trawl through the pictures in Photobucket,

I find gifs to leave in a Guestbook or two,

but this one I found, well it speaks for itself,

tell me, does it ‘talk’ at all to you?


The witch is unhappy, she’s had a bad day,

she’s pondering on which spell to cast,

I wonder, will the spider change shape in any way,

and will the cat be caught up in the blast?


I love the hat,  it just ‘flops’ there,

with the feather dangling down,

and she’s actually wearing an apron,

to cook up something to banish that frown?


Her name is Hortense, she’s a haughty one,

she sums you up with just one glance,

so, before she thinks to cast a spell on me,

I’d better ‘disappear’ before she has her chance!!

LadyP © 2010

Every picture has a story to tell, or so I’ve heard. This picture has so much to say, It almost leaps at me to tell it.  Hortense, (the witch) is in a bad mood, she’s been told by the Association ( the Association Of Spell Casters and Familiars… or AoSCaF for short) that she’d exceeded her quota of spells for the month, and dire warnings had been heaped on her head, figuratively not literally, should she go against the ruling,  She was angry and Hortense in a paddy was not a pretty sight.  As You Can SEE!!……  She’d not had a happy life, living there on the outskirts of the Magic Wood, but she’d tried her best to fit in. “Trouble is they don’t like me having two familiars,” she thought, as she absentmindedly stroked Magic, her black cat, and her pet spider, Morris.  It made her spells that much stronger having the two of them by her side and gave her the edge should she try to stand up to an older wizard or witch. That was her problem, she was the youngest witch in the area, and as such she was supposed to keep in the background if magic be needed. She would have thought her strength in spell casting would be an asset, but Oh no, THEY knew best, The old crones and suchlike.  She had a good mind  (sometimes), to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget, BUT what?.  What would make them see her in a different light? What could she do to become a fully fledged member of AoSCaF and not just a fledgling spell caster?

See?.  that’s what the picture says to me., Hortense is thinking very deeply, about her future, her abilities and how to go about showing what’s she’s made of… Hmmmnm, methinks there’s a story or two to be told…

LadyP © 2010


12 responses to “Magic Moments…

  1. Well I was entranced with that story all the way through ,yes the picture is exactly as you portray , she has definitely had a bad time and is not in the best of moods , she has used her quota for the month , much like my usage on the com , it can lead to bad moods , when her quota revives she will strike back with a vengenceIan aka Emu


  2. very true poor witch dee


  3. A witch without a spellCries foul among all hellits for her to cast a spellA simple abracabra to tellFind me the person with spell to sellor doth she know not a spellto rejuvenate the spell with another spellwait does she to find the spellin her heart she would tellto find a way though the hellto bring back the quota of spell


  4. I see a happier future ahead for the witch!


  5. Lady Penelope..Two nicely written scripts in one blog now that must be a first time for here? Perhasps the Witch is waiting for A Naughty Wizard to come along and teach her some saucy Magic with his wand? lol Just kidding.. I like this poem that you have shared with us today and also your descriptive thoughts of what the Witch is thinking .. This should get a Ghoul response from all of your friends.. Well done Lady Penelope, it’s definitely another fine effort..Androgoth XXx


  6. Heart..Renaissance Man

    she needs to kick ass and take names and move up to where she belongs… obviously she knows and has more than her piers and needs to show them that;; other wise she will be doomed at the bottom of the food chain… pecking order be away with you… DAMN the torpedoes and full speed ahead!!! sorry ,, got carried away. heh ;o) and DO write more .. and how do YOU know so much about witches,,,,,?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?


  7. FABULOUS Lady P! I always have a smile when I visit here! U are most welcome 2 dip ur legs in my pond, thank u so much 4 the beautiful roses! Hope u have a Great Eve, Luv PF XXX


  8. Pen you told that one very well…………….Loved the poem……………….Love how you get away from reality, you will have to teach me…………….Take care my friend X


  9. Konbanwa (Good Evening) This witches is in your imagination in the poem? it’s nice to dream about fantasy world. When is best time to coming seen you…..You can give me Magic time that I needed a badly after my tooth is painful lol!Have a great evening? Tuesday 25th May 4.40 PM in here.


  10. was just flicking through on a break….(hope that was okies..)…propa cool ….must be honest that was half decent as it goes…..sends a smile……..have a fab day yeah….


  11. @ just here. thanks for your comment, couldn’t leave a note on yr profile. Thought your pirates ‘add’ was great!!. xx


  12. I love your writing! Hope you willl join my network! Your personality is so inviting! ♥


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