Come, let me paint you a mental picture,

there’s a room, with a window and door,

there inside, is a lost and broken man,

with head in hands, sat down on the floor.


A table, looming large, takes centre stage

it’s full of papers, cast hastily about,

and as his eyes gaze sorrowfully on them,

he starts to cry, when he really wants to shout


He wants to shout out loud in his anguish

he wants to scream, and blame it on fate,

he’d taken a gamble and lost all that mattered

one roll of the dice, meant it was much too late.


His love was gone, and never returning

she was gone, taking his heart in her hands

she was so tired of his broken promises,

leaving him alone, with their two golden bands.


Come, let me paint you a mental picture,

as hope rising, he stares at the door,

and there she was, his love and anchor

One last chance, he whispers,  just one chance more!!

LadyP © 2010


8 responses to “Promises…

  1. Yo Lady P! FABULOUS! I woz shouting out 2 her 2 give him one last chance!!! Hope u have a Great Day 2day! Luv PF XXX


  2. hope ya dont mind but had a squidge at that……and did smile a little cos have been known to have a flutter……gamblers lament that they are always 1 away from a big win…..only winner is the bookie …lol……me and the footie lads had a very slow greyhound once…….could of ran quicker meself.. lol….. cool piece of writing young lady…….. have a good day……..


  3. Love your writing, Lady P! xoxo X


  4. Wonderful Lady P. You have quite a talent with words.


  5. Heart..Renaissance Man

    we should all be so fortunate. things happen for a reason.. things are on a time line thats why they do what they do and when and IF they do.. its when they dont the sad man becomes a sadder man and a more realizing man if astute enough to appreciate that it was not to be. Acknowledge, Accept and Adapt and move on.. these three words if liven by as gospel will never lead you wrong… try them.. make them your friends for life.. nice piece of writing also.


  6. ηικκιħart

    Hi Lady P,I love a happy ending! I was glad to read this story has one. Wonderful poem:)Hope you have a great evening. Big hugs, Nikki


  7. you write everything so very well angel eyes


  8. one last chancewish i had one last chance Awaiting the roll of dice


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