Careful Wish….…..


Do you ever get a feeling,

of something not quite right?

That an adventure’s going to happen

and that maybe tonight’s the night.

As the feeling grows inside you

almost too much to bear

you shy at your own long shadow,

but suddenly it’s not there….

You feel magic all about you,

touching the hairs on your skin,

what fate has in store for you

would it simply just begin.

The air crackles with foreboding

as forked lightning strikes outside,

you hear thunder in the heavens

but there’s nowhere near to hide,

You stare at the copper lantern

you polished a minute ago,

as you rubbed three times, you wished a wish

Can you remember it?  I Do Hope So!!


LadyP © 2010


11 responses to “Careful Wish….…..

  1. Lady Penelope..This Is Definitely A Wicked Piece Of PoetryI Really Like This One.. Now I Wonder WhatThat Genie Will Be Granting You? Hope AllYour Wishes Are Realised Lady Penelope..Have A Funtastic Weekend Now.. Be Good..Androgoth XXx


  2. Oh I just love this, Now what can I wish for, something I won’t regret afterwards. Long life for me and Tango perhaps?


  3. Heart..Renaissance Man

    heh,,, ya,,,


  4. cool expressions wishes coming true dee


  5. Can I borrow this lantern? 😉 xx


  6. Yes Lady P.i do every day.and i realise that we can help our wishes ourselves No???a bit pushing ourselves to that direction?its in a way…a game no??tc lady Pand ur a wondrful poet ladyMJ


  7. Oh this is fab………………….You should be getting these published Pen……………………..You can bring that lamp over, the next time you visit……………..Have a smashing weekend Pen. X


  8. tx lady P for ur sweet comments on myaid Sri LankaSmileMJ


  9. Hi Lady PYes I do feel it…I feel it when I have a walk on a mountain, forest or any natural inhabit…I feel so adventurous and feel that there could be any thing adventures at the next corner..I can’t have that wonderful feeling anywhere else.My real passion is for Lady Beatles.. whenever i see one i feel so magical..Cha


  10. WishI had a lampA genie to come and give me a wishone for the worldone for my loveone for methe world to be peacelove to be sharedme just be as iamwish u had a lovely week end


  11. can i rub that lantern lady p i need three magical wishes loved this one too


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