Rain gif  

The rain is falling, so hard,  so fast

You can’t imagine that it won’t last

It soaks all it touches, plants bow to the weight

Of moisture on leaves,   but for some is it too late?


Rain gif

Thors’ hammer is thundering, sounding so near

Grumbling and groaning, spreading it’s fear

Just as suddenly it’s over, the sun’s showing it’s face

Through the dark clouds, is this somehow a race?


Rain gif

 Because the rain… it’s falling, so hard…. so fast

Reminds me of tears,  did it somehow come last?


LadyP © 2010


9 responses to “…Competing!!…

  1. Lady Penelope..Yes This Is Most Definitely A Nice Little Seasonal Poem Here I Just Hope You Had An Umbrella Handy.. Have A Wicked Rest Of Day Now Lady Penelope, Oh And Do Try To Be Good lolAndrogoth XXx


  2. This is very beautifulHope all is well with youTake careSue


  3. As they say when angels cry in painthe sky open to rainborn are the tears in painyet never to be seen in rain


  4. Beautiful Pen……………….We asume tears like the rain, are tears of pain but they can be tears of joy…………………….Our planet needs rain as much as it needs sun………………..Take care X


  5. Talking of plants bowing to the weight, my lovely Spanish Broom is sodden and the weight of the rain in the blossom has almost brought it to the ground, at 6′ tall I let it grow too big. Lovely poem as usual, Take care. love to Bess from Tango


  6. Never could stand poetry. Too many veiled meanings, obscure references, and the like. Then of course, there are too many people that fancy themselves to be poets, all the while lacking those inner refinements that allow poetry to ‘spontaneously overflow’. I see here a classic case of metromania.All the Best,Charlie W


  7. Hi Lady PI have first hand experience just like what you have described here last few weeks due to heavy rain here…and about the tears… yes feel like falling rain when crying but when everything is washed off can smile like a sun appearing through clouds..Very good poemcha


  8. sounds like aour area lately dee


  9. In here where I lives we had dry weather for couple of years ..I love to have the rain is falling hard and last for a week lol!but not floods ….or you don’t want to crying for the bad things happent in yourlives:-)You have a beautiful day,Michiko


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