Mind Control….



I’ve just had a thought, it’s really not new,

I’ve thought it before,  I‘ll think it again too,

It won’t go away, it wants me to see

that It’s in control of all that is ME


My Brain is the source of all the unease,

it ignores all my needs and all of my pleas,

every question I ask , every memory required

it just comes up blank,  saying quota’s expired  


It sure knows exactly which button to press

When I want reassurance, it says I’m a mess

When I need to sleep, it keeps me awake,

Who is in control for goodness sake?


It knows everything that scares me to death,

like statues that move, or a ghostly breath,

if I finally sleep, guess what’ll arrive?

a nightmare or two, just to show I’m alive.


Yes, I know my Brain hates me, I have the proof,

I can’t keep a secret, I can’t keep aloof,

as every thought that enters my head,

is filed for future reference, …. enuff said!!



LadyP © 2010


11 responses to “Mind Control….

  1. cool as it goes….nice when poetry grows…..fergets all ya troubles and all of ya woes.. lol… best i could manage in 2 mins before back to work. lol….. hope ya afternoons ticketyoo young lady….. big smiles. x….


  2. Love this one Lady P. My brain gives me problems too. 🙂


  3. Ha! Luved it! That sounds like mine!!!! Hope ur having Gorgeous weather, I keep sitting out, then bobbing back in 2 cool down! Luv PF XXX


  4. I try not to think if I can avoid it. The headaches, ya know.


  5. My motto was always – no brains – no headaches LOL


  6. the brain it confuses, when it refuses,to do what want , when you ask it upfront,it turns you down flatly, though most politely, it’s just like it;s got a mind of it’s own


  7. the mind a true mystery and often a trap dee


  8. Woohoo! The mind that how you feeling in the day it is all in your mind, if you don’t have your confidents then you will lose of gamethat is big apart of ourlives.


  9. Yes.. the whole universe in your mind.. you will enter to the peaceful status of the mind on the day you learn to control mind …..Very wise poemthanks for sharing it lady p


  10. Wow a great writing , you certainly summarised our brains pretty well , brain is in control and emotions are the back seat drivers with the consequences of our actions being the result of not listening to the boss , The Brain


  11. Love it, and how do you do it?? Reading this one reminds me of a film I saw many years ago, a Frankenstein sort of thing, where a man’s head was the only thing that was kept alive by this mad scientist, and it was an experiment to tap into his brain, or something, just a head talking, at the end he just begged to die. most unsettling. Brilliant poem as usual Lady P


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