A Wave of a Time?


Oh Joy of joys, what is this?,

a WLS upgrade, such utter bliss

Shall we turn back time, to how it was before, 

or give a chance to the Upgrade named Wave IV?

Guestbooks altered, comments content counted

Should Head’s Of WLS team be mounted

on a wall of shame, for their multitudinous sins

As why don’t they ask before it all begins

to change the usual fare on here

we’re the ones who hold Spaces dear.


Maybe some improvement, wait and see?

So much info is there for you and me,

but some friends and contacts are closing the door

going to Facebook, etc , but of one thing I’m sure

whilst I can still navigate my way around,

seeing updates and photo’s of new friends I’ve found.

I’m staying put,  I feel I‘ve found my place,

my hearth and my home,  This is my Personal Space…




LadyP © 2010



24 responses to “A Wave of a Time?

  1. how was the x ray….hope it dont affect ya ability to drink or juggle on friday after we beat algeria…lol….having a cuppa here and in a decent old mood today….some numptie will spoil it.. lol


  2. this shortening of message malarkey is doing me nut in….never types so many times with me one hand.. lol.. hope ya days cool bab.. xx


  3. Lady P, you really know how to home in on things, straight to the point in a lovley humerous but honest way, I couldn’t agree more with lots of what you say, more power to your typo digit. I think to myself if someone new came to spaces, they would pick it p as it is and think nothing of it, so I’m tryiing to take that tack. I’m not ready to jump ship yet. Luvsya all


  4. I was puzzled about the ‘pikle of crap’ jsut here was on about, till I realized it was the footie. LOL, I’m no footie buff or fan, but even I though it was bo-ring!


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