Weighty Matters…..



I put one foot upon the scales

and left the other on the floor,

It was lovely seeing 4 stone 3

before I knew my weight for sure

now, slowly does it, raise the leg

put both feet where they should be

and open your eyes it always helps

otherwise you can’t see, you see?

now look at the dial, take a deep breath

it’s not a matter of life and death,

it’s only a total for goodness sake

OOOh..you’ve lost a few pounds?..where’s that cake?



LadyP© 2010



7 responses to “Weighty Matters…..

  1. ROFL!!! In my case..uv put on a few hundred pounds…now where’s the cake?!?!


  2. matters…. first in line…yahooo


  3. Love this!! Pass the cake.


  4. Yes a good one this.. Indeed where is that Cake? Keep Adding Your Wicked Scripts Lady Penelope..Perhaps I should add another Recipe Sometime..Have A Funtastic Tuesday Now..Androgoth XXx


  5. lol….reminds me when it was 20p in boots when they had the scales….a queue of hesitant moms. lol.. cool bit of writing lady p@ x


  6. A tasty blackforest cake sounds yummy


  7. Loved it, and I bet we all do it, I know I do. I’ve been trying to lose 4 pounds for ages and every time I drop a few OUNCES, I say ‘where’s the cake?’Custard doughnuts are my weakness.


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