Talking to Myself…..

mirror gif

Don’t build me up to knock me down,

don’t change my ready smile to a frown,

Just like humpty dumpty on the wall,

please don’t set me up to make me fall

Finding the weakness I try so hard to hide

don’t give me cause to feel doubt inside

Should I feel pleasure in what I’ve done

don’t shake your head, as If there’s some

improvement I’ve missed, something more to do

I do try my damndest, I just can’t satisfy you…

LadyP © 2010



8 responses to “Talking to Myself…..

  1. sometimes we are the dammnest people,rather then building upit is run them down into the gutter


  2. I will repeat again Lady P, you are havean excellentnt talent!


  3. a little praise goes a long long way young lady….and agrees with beth ya preety kool and the gang with the old poetic tones bab…..cant believe spain got beat. lol. but uruguay will win tonight i reckon… have a good un bab. xx


  4. damned if you do damned if you don’tpeople satisfy themselvesanything else is control


  5. Lady Penelope…There Are Always New Heights To Reach My Great Friend Just Take Every Step With Confidence Believing In Oneself & As Each Stepping Stone Is Conquered… The Positivity & Enthusiasm Is Revitalised… Rightly & Indeed Optimistically..Androgoth XXx


  6. A Very Nice Poem Lady Penelope..Androgoth XXx


  7. Now that’s a good piece of advice for everyone to follow, It’s not dis-similar to the video I’ve just watched, called Circle of Friends’ based on the Maeve Binchy book.A fat but sensitive girl was the butt of jokes. Excellent poem as usual Lady P.


  8. Sounds so amazingly familiar to me so i understand dee


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