Just Thinking……..

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One and one are two, and two and two makes four, so

who said that three was more than two, and less by one than four?

who said the bird was on the wing, who told you names of everything?

who told you this and that was true, you just accepted didn’t you?

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So, the sky is there above your head, the ground is where your feet do tread,

the dog, the cat, the horse, the mouse, the car, the bus, the street, the house,

all have names you learn quite young, your voice doth talk, you sing and you’ve sung

of all the knowledge gained to pass on, who told it first, who was the first one?

LadyP © 2010







15 responses to “Just Thinking……..

  1. THEY did , what were they thinking


  2. propa cool that young lady p@…….top tip dont eat an uncle rons chicken pattie straight from the scran van….geez was that hot. lol…. argentina 1-0 up bab.. xx


  3. did laff at ya "putting ya face on comment"…shades of worzul gummidge sprang to mind.. lol.. smiles……hope it all goes well. at the hozzie… more smiles sent. xx


  4. Once again, your wisdom humbles us……..keep ’em coming Lady P!!!xCx


  5. Abbott and Costellowho’s on first first?


  6. Another great one Lady P. This one has me thinking.


  7. Yo Lady P!!! Finally!!! Someone that talks sense!! I woz just ponderin those exact things…*Froggie hops off sniggering*


  8. Hey You’re Whipping These Poems Out In Droves, An Excellent Piece Of PoetryThis One… Very Fluent With A Touch Of The Learned.. Right I Will See What OtherWickedness Has Been added (You Know Where? lol) Have A Poetically ExcitingFriday & Have A Chilled Bottle Of The RED.. As Manchester United Often Do.. LetsKick Some Ass Later Today.. YES England Needs That Old Beckham Magic.. Have A Most Wicked Day Today Lady Penelope.. Androgoth XXx


  9. ☆° Lady Jude

    Thanks for the friend add, and dropping by. I’m still trying to figure out whether it was the chicken or egg that came first. But there always must be a first. Lest you’ve got me thinking.Hugs Lady Jude


  10. wow such words of wisdom tx LAdy P.Indeed when u come to Ireland u better take a warm coat and something against the wind.We had not that mch rain, lady PIts a large country. with very friendly pplEnjoy ur weekend.MJ


  11. It is a long time ago that I was first told about the dog, the cat the horse and how to count, my head just swims to thnk about it.


  12. ηικκιħart

    Hi Lady P,Hmm interesting post, I dont know if anyone could really know for sure, but its something to think about!Im glad you got a laugh from my little addition, wasnt sure if spongebob was well know in Britain lol.Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs, Nikki


  13. This post is so cleverly way you wrotelol! I started thinking that our first genarations was monkey then they don’t talk?"Google’s help? :-)Have a nice weekend,Michiko


  14. I got my space is back now thank you for concerend about me.Big Hugs,Michiko


  15. YAY!!!!


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