Reap What Ye Sow……


“Do you remember me?” the voice did say, as she stood in the market square,

So she forced a smile to her lips, and turned to the man standing there,

She was dressed in silks, as her station decreed, she had married into wealth

but as she saw the one who spoke the words, she knew she would need all her stealth

“ No words to offer me”  he snarled  “The one who owned your pathetic life,

You seem to have done well for yourself,” espying her rings, “are you someone’s wife?”

This last was uttered with such scorn, that she knew he was aware of the fact

she was the Senators second wife, and she had to answer, but with some tact..

“Slaver, you owned and sold me on, to a rich household governing this land,

and the Masters son fell in love with me, he offered me much and took my hand

in second marriage, and to this day I bless the luck which brought me to him

‘Please, just depart, leave well alone, I beg you don’t bring me to ruin.’

He laughed and said “That’s not my plan, you have money and jewels bestowed,

Just pay me off and share your wealth, I feel it’s mine as I’m somewhat owed..”

Her heart did drop, deep sorrow was there, she knew he would always need,

money and wealth forever more, she was trapped now,  held by his greed.

She had a knife, ornamental it’s true, hanging loosely from her belted gown,

Her mind was tainted by his dark words, it was over, and her face wore a frown,

as she pretended to drop her purse of gold, which he quickly bent to catch

he leant closely to her, the knife found it’s mark and his life she did snatch

She turned about and espied no-one near had witnessed her deadly act,

She told herself to walk quickly away, head held high, just matter of fact,

but someone noticed the body which lay, there on the ground bereft of it’s life,

So taking the knife, she took her last breath, ending this tale of the Senators Wife…

LadyP © 2010


7 responses to “Reap What Ye Sow……

  1. WOW!! This is powerful. I think you need to be writing a book Lady P. Good job.


  2. Christine tuley

    Really like this Miss Lady. It could easily be made into a play. You are quite clever my dear.


  3. Thank you for your encourage comments in my pictures. This is a very good story Lady P, it is short but writting very well.


  4. hat was a most enjoyable tale Lady P, I wish I’d thought it up, but that won’t happen as I’m not that clever, sigh, I tried to post a pic, but I can’t Take care


  5. This is VERY well-written—you have a rare gift, Lady P…and what is more important—you use it well. Thank you so much for sharing this….


  6. What a wondefully told poetic story albeit with a sudden and sad finish. Loved it!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Earl, reading it through I feel as if I should have edited a bit more. but the whole ‘feeling’ I tried to convey of desperation came through I think…Thank you for your lovely comment…xx


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