Beware The Bottle….


Let me paint you a scene of a dark, stormy night,

Thunder and lightning are ruling the skies,

There’s a old back alleyway, bereft of any street light

And there, halfway down it, an Antique shop hides.

As you pass through the shop door, a little bell rings

But there seems no-one about to answer it’s call

Stood before you, on desk packed with ancient things

Is a bottle, shining bright, seemingly tipped to fall.

Please Help me’ it cries, in a voice filled with fear,

As the spirit inside it has been trapped for some time,

A fluorescent blue light seems intent to draw you near

As reaching out, you vaguely hear a warning chime.

At the rear of the shop is a brass ornamental gong,

It sounds it’s dire warning should Old Magic be used

But, alas too late for you, you’ve heard the siren song

You grasp the bottle, spirits are swapped, then fused

Let me paint you a scene of a dark and stormy night,

Where an Antique shop windows are dusty and old

Inside which, placed on desk, is a bottle, shining bright

You are contained, crying “Please help me, I’m so cold”

LadyP © 2010


8 responses to “Beware The Bottle….

  1. Brilliant! Luved it! Heartbreaking about England being out. Hope u can still manage 2 have an enjoyable evening, Luv PF XXX


  2. Yes I Bet Fabio Is Hoping To Free Himself From That One Too..A Nicely Thought Out Script With A Bit Of A Twist.. Keep WritingYour Excellent Offerings Lady Penelope.. Now Where’s That Ball?Ah Yes There It Is… In The Back Of The England Net.. lol Be GoodNow & Remember… It’s Just A Game of Soccer.. Androgoth XXx


  3. WOW!! This is one of your very best Lady P. I really enjoy your writing.


  4. Thanks for the warning, to beware of bottles crying out to be touched in antique shops, what a horrible thought, to be trapped inside a bottle, almost as bad as losing an important football match, so sorry Pen, hope you’ve recovered.


  5. just like a genie dee stuck here


  6. I don’t want to be a bottle situation myself but sometime in ourlife time falling down to the bottom of the well….After a bad time it always you ‘ll find next a better time.Smiles.


  7. propa liked that bab……feels a but trapped in me office today as it goes. lol….flaming suns out…..but detoxing on water today.. lol… have a goodun bab.. big smiles.. xx


  8. gives you a scarey locked in feeling but a great story xx


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