I find myself trying to rhyme all the time, see?… My mind seems to want to stay in rhyming mode, I don’t know why. I used to blog a few years ago, I used to share my everyday life, anything and everything that I thought would be of interest, until I suddenly realised my whole life was there, written on those pages for all to see…My pain, my laughter, my mistakes and my triumphs…I went too far with the sharing..It was not good, looking back, I know it could have been classed as therapy, maybe, and perhaps cheap at the price, but it had to stop. Things were getting out of hand and so Lady Penelope was born on WLS and then on Blogspot .… I feel free to try different subjects, a different way of connecting with people…Whereas before it was a case of this is my life, warts and all, it’s now… these are my poems, my stories, read them if you will, they are a part of me, my way of looking at the world, sad sometimes, happy others, for we are a mixture of the two are we not?.

WE are a combination of our Past, Present and soon to be future…so, I hope you have enjoyed what’s on offer…as much as I enjoyed preparing them for your delectation!…..

LadyP 2010



12 responses to “LadyP…

  1. blimey.. the 1st to comment…lol…..yeah i do enjoy what you write and think ya preety ticketyboo as it goes…(not that the liking of footie swings it mind ya. lol.).. lol…..keep on doing what ya do because you do it very well…..big smiles sent young lady.. xx


  2. lady p likes to ryhmnshe likes to do it all the timeshe also likes to sharebut must take some carenot to give too much awayand save some for a rainy day


  3. I enjoy your post that why I’m here Lady P:-) I must said sometime I need to read your poem for couple time.If I write day by day …it must be boring for everybody? because I play golf for three time in a week….other time for dinner, movies, family.. myself it mostly dentist problem lol!I’m very happy to visit my friends as same time I can write my things too:-)Thank goodness everybody is differents:-)Enjoy your day,Michiko


  4. I very much enjoy your posts Lady P. I have mentioned before that you have a way with words and I am very glad you share them with us.


  5. a life is but a booksome put it to wordsyou create imagesyour life rolls onword by wordimage by imagehave fun


  6. Oh Ur Bess is like these guys on the she always activ then??seems such doggies are real working machines yes??ohh abt WLS i love it …still …as some of the friends go to Blogspot….Im also there years ago i made one with poems.but its very quiet there..No reactions..I dont know how to add friends I decided to stay heretc LAdy PMJ


  7. il try and go to your blogs lady p xxjen


  8. What an honest blog Lady P, it can’t be easy swapping your day to day ‘happenings’ with Fantasy poetry but you do it so well, b ut perhaps it gives just a little bit of the real you away, or is it now locked into the past. I love your Poems.


  9. good old windows therapy yeah dee


  10. Konnichiwa Lady P, I visit you blogspot then I realize as same one in here, I didn’t leave comment there. I understood that how you had been the hard times though you wrote everything in your mind in that times?I believe that one ways to get rid of your sad mind,I knew it is likes broken the glass "never recoverd where you were" Hopefully you have a bright future Lady P.


  11. Ienjoy what you write very much,Take careSue


  12. Writing Is Such a Wondrous Gift.. And You Write Exceptionally Well Lady PenKeep Up The Good Work… You’re A Fine Poet Even If You Didn’t Know It? Ouch A Very Old Rhyme There.. But You Know What I Mean.. Androgoth XXx


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