Thought Control……

Photobucket There’s a very special magic hat, it’s invisible you see…..

it’s only seen by clever folk , (that’s you and me)

if you place it on your head,  you can wish for anything

trouble is, it reads your mind, so mayhem it may bring.

You could wish for Peace on Earth, as a final ending to war

but it could grant you Total Silence, to last for evermore.

No birds will sing, no voice will ring, nothing at all to hear

So control your thoughtful mind and make your wish very, very clear….….


LadyP © 2010


12 responses to “Thought Control……

  1. This is all in your mind isn’t it? but it is very had to control myself that I’d like have this magic hat for my golfing time lol!


  2. This is one of your very best. You have a powerful message in this poem!


  3. Yes I Like This One Lady Penelope It Is Very Thought ProvokingTrying To Choose the Most Perfect Of wishes And Yet Being RatherConservative (Ooooh NOoooo.. lol) At The Same Time… Brilliant..Have A Very Nice Thursday It’s The 1st of July You Know? Nearly..Well It Is Now You’re Reading This Comment.. Hmm Enough SaidI’m Wittering Now… It’s A Trait I Picked Up From My Jenagoth.. lolRight I’m Going Now Before I Get Into Trouble.. Androgoth XXx


  4. ive got my hat on and wishing so hard my heads tingling love your poems xxjen


  5. your poem say so much very powerful words to make us thinkTake careSue


  6. Hats are a covering , my head is bareWhats inside is what I careMy Heart is open for you to seeMy love is hereMy Soul to shareIan


  7. Brilliant! Wishing u a Wonderful Weekend! I soooo love popping in here! Luv PF XXX


  8. Just taking a much needed stroll thru msn spaces and wanted to make it a point to stop by and say hello! Curious to know how things are going on your end. ………. I will be back! :o)


  9. I’m not happy today that I did noticed my space pictures were disapering I think that I need away from blogging LOL!


  10. Hi Lady P,I found them lol! too much messing around on space:-)you have a nice day.


  11. I just loved it…very thoughtfull…(can i wish to act in a Johnny depp movie 😉 hahaha)


  12. I’d not only like to act in a JD movie, I’d want to be his romantic interest! oh well we all can dream can’t we? pas the hat please.


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