Island Dream…………


Windows wide,  fans are whirring

voices outside, music blaring,

sunshine’s come,  aren’t we happy

tempers shortened, voices snappy, Cos

Summer’s  here, holidays starting,

heat wave warning, sunburn smarting

Oh what fun,  Oh what bliss,

heat exhaustion, too tired for a kiss, but

Golden empty beach, ‘side a blue sea

that’s where I dream and long to be,

away from the town with all it’s clamour

oh for a desert island, plus all the glamour, So,

What’s the answer, how to get there?

how to stand by the shore and stare,

at the vista unfolding, breathing sea air

I’d go tomorrow, if you’d give me the fare….NO?

Oh well……….worth a try !!!

LadyP© 2010




21 responses to “Island Dream…………

  1. Christine tuley

    Need a companion? Sounds like heaven to me. I send out the same plea. If answered, you can accompany me!


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