Ever been scared for your very life,

Ever wondered if you’ll see the next morning?

Ever thought this is my due, my strife

Ever been relieved to see the next day dawning?

This person, this body, this mind, this very soul,

Ever wondered, who you are, what makes you whole?

One mistake in this life could cost you so dear….

How to live your life fully if held back by such fear?

You have to let go, to trust, make decisions day by day

AS something inside you, a spirit, a guide, will show you the way.

Fear, a natural instinct but one which can hold you back, from making any decision.., I fear change sometimes. I fear the unknown… I fear being alone….I fear death and also I must admit sometimes…I do fear life… but then I suppose, don’t we all at some point and we learn to trust ourselves and overcome this sensation.

Making wrong decisions, making mistakes, can seem like a chain, link by link holding you back.
Did you ever see A Christmas Carol?…With Jacob Marley’s ghost standing there, with the long heavy chain symbolizing his mistakes, the wrongs he did in his life, all those links, made me shiver with fear I can tell you. Fear does hold you back, But you can learn from it, even rise above it…

Just surmising really, musing about my fears…do you have any? and have you overcome them?

LadyP  © 2010

ps/ Ever since my PC decided to crash and I started again from scratch, I’ve been trying to find more than the basic fonts you’re given by Windows to start out… and boy -oh- boy have I found a fantastic site…  >> Free Fonts, <<

I’ve been overdosing, I have font fever, Like a kiddie in a sweetshop!!!  Excuse me,  I’m only on the ‘G’s ….xx

12 responses to “Fear…

  1. ☆° Lady Jude

    Hi Lady P, I’ll go take a look at the free fonts site. I’ve experienced fear before I’ve even had the odd panic attack, I haven’t had one now for three years and that’s something to be thankful for. I think everyone can have them under highly emotional situations. Have a lovely day,Hugs Lady J


  2. Hi Princess , you ask a question about fear , yes I know fear from Christian brothers , yes I know fear as a boy of 20 with a rifle in my hand in South Vietnam told to kill an enemy I didnt know why , yes I saw the fears in my own eyes when my wife lost the love in her eyes , yes I saw the fears in life and now I try not to sleep at night , I try to write of Love and Romance , why , for the fear of the night , the fear of the pastIan aka Emu


  3. Good morning Lady P., or good afternoon in your part of the world. YES, I face fear every day and I keep plugging on, just trying to cope.Hugs,Beth


  4. Well! we are not teenage girl anymore LOL! I’m sure every body have had a joys, fear, sadness,all these things in ourlivesin past or still coming? but we need to get through a better way to looking for brigh future….. try hard??I have fear of cancer that I don’t wanted have that…You have wonderful day Lady,P,Michiko


  5. Life has so many unique twists and turns Lady Pen and all one can do is endeavour to accomplish something, you see venturing through life’s many changes is not easy for anyone, one take steps here or there, following different paths and strands of these sometimes fracture leaving us uncertain of the future. It is all about life’s big adventure, a roller coaster ride that can often leave one wondering what life is all


  6. about, but in the real sense of the words one must live that life and whatever circumstances arise from treading the chosen path one must always take the positives, feel the energy within and trust one’s own resolve. Optimism and positivity can bring one through any situation given the right train of thought but this too is not easy to accomplish. One must have the faith in one’s own abilities to push the envelope of


  7. life forwards; the sheer drive towards a better future is something that everyone strives for and although the favoured path is still just another stepping stone, another path, one must always look on the positive side of life… Even when everything looks so indistinct… As that is living life and experiencing the many facets of existence over a lifetime. Be well my great friend. Have a wonderful rest of day and equally a wicked evening.. Androgoth XXx


  8. Yes LAdy P im scared with times…Scared of what future brings.I have these thoughts after funerals …of young ppl….Wierd no???tc and awesome poem as alwaysMJ


  9. Your writting Pen, does make one think…………………Yes it’s true, we all have and always will have fear in our lifes…………..I have lost so much in the last 18months that I fear strongly for the future, will I loose what I have left…………………..I do agree with The Goth Prince, thinlk positiveand that at the moment is what I am trying to do…………………Have a great Thursday Pen X


  10. fear is powerful, look at the responses it has brought. fear, it’s a part of life, not apart like something you can avoid or ignore . it’s there for a reason,it’s there for your reason’s sake. if we didn’t have fear,we wouldn’t have happiness,safety or even much of a human race.so , here’s to fear, the thing that makes us think


  11. We all live our lives and try to ignore it, but in the back of our minds there is always a constant thought or premonition that makes our eyes grow wide and our stomach turn. The way I view it… any time you put any energy into what you fear, you’re only making that *thing* more possible, and giving it a stronger hold over you. What am I afraid of you ask? A real Hell. And me being in it because I didn’t read the Terms of Agreement!


  12. Fear is the provocateur.. it is the thing that drives us to the beyond.. Past the edge of the envelope.. Past that comfort zone most of us live in. it is the ultimate motivator for those who want to learn about the ‘dark’..It is the absence of light. That all. Everything stays the same. When you turn on the light the fear goes away. Once you understand the ‘why’ the fear goes with it also. Fear causes us to look within.. causes us to seek out the truths that are not ours yet. The ones we ‘need’ to learn about us. Then we can rise about this fear and move on to the next, learning all the time what makes us tick. Want and need.. The two motivators.. Brother and sister of the hidden agendas. Fear,, yes i fear those that fear.. The need to grow and learn.. They are earth bound and shall stay that way till the end of time. Unless they face their fears.. Embrace them and come to resolve with them. Let them understand you as you understand them.. A marriage of intellect,, a sharing of fears.. Now you understand one another and the fear is gone.


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