Been There, Done That..

slinky question mark

Did you hear that?…turning quickly round, as if speed would help capture the sound

to try and trace the source of unease, as if something strange had come to squeeze

the air from your lungs as you catch your breath,  can noise really scare you almost to death?

You search for clues, did something break or has a picture fallen for goodness sake

Did a door slam, did the stairway creak? You find nothing, though you still seek

for something earthly bound to cause the way your heartbeat has set to pause

You check upstairs, downstairs too, you’re in a state what should you do?

You must find whatever made you scared, made you wonder and be sorely afraid

Then you see it, there, right there in the shadow ..

it chills you deep, deep down to the marrow, you try to scream then…

You awake….

it was only a dream for goodness sake

you settle down and close your eyes,

until suddenly to your surprise

You hear a noise, quickly spin your head round,

trying to capture the source of the unearthly sound,…

Déjà Vu?…You too?..



9 responses to “Been There, Done That..

  1. Good one! This happened to me shortly after I moved here. I had hung a clock on the kitichen wall with one of those stick on hangers. It fell while with a loud crash when I was in another room and scared me a lot.Hugs,Beth


  2. and then you wake up and theres a noise ….. spooky vibe Lady


  3. Yeah…that was me…didn’t mean to wake you..tell me: where do you keep your Grey Poupon?


  4. Really like this one, Pen X


  5. I do scare easily at work but not at home. Work requires me to pay very close attention to detail. There are quite a few times where someone sneaked up on me and scared the crap-ola out of me.


  6. I get way too scared, especially with movies. You know the annoying person that always screamed when something startling happens on screen? That’s me. Any kind of movie, if it has a suspenseful scene has me scared. It’s a little embarrassing. I think I’m just extremely susceptible to the way filmmakers create suspense. I’ve finally learned to just close my eyes and remind myself that it’s just a movie whenever I get to any scary part.


  7. I might miss out on half the movie, but at least I can sleep at night. ….. one would almost think I was a woman the way I behave during horror movies. Bwahahahaha!


  8. Yes I Like This Poem Lady Pen.. It Is One Of Those Creepy Happenings That Makes Your Hair Stand Up On The Back Of Your Neck.. But It Was Just A Dream.. Or Was It? lol Have A Funtastic Tuesday Now.. Androgoth XXx


  9. Reminds me of a scary night I had when I was a child, the window was left open and the wind was moving a coat that was hung on the back of the door, it was plastic or something and I jsut lay there what felt like all night too frightened to move, I was about 10.


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