The darkness of night makes way for the dawn

whilst dewy fingers of mist form a chill

leaving globes of moisture on all as it passes

like a testament of time stood still

the sun creeps through the scattered cloud

making red the horizon,  lighting up the skies ,

as your mind takes in the beauty before you

emotion overflows forming tears in your eyes..

Not sadness this emotion, it’s joy you’re feeling,.

as you bear witness to natures daily chore,

the panorama unfolds leaving senses reeling

an experience you’ll treasure, wanting more…..

LadyP© 2010



10 responses to “Awakening..

  1. Very moving and beautiful…thank you for sharing this…


  2. Christine tuley

    Yes Lady P, I want more. Very vivid and sweet.


  3. Is there anything more moving than being one with nature? I love this post.Hugs,Beth


  4. The Brightness Of A New Day.. Of A New Adventure..A Very Nice Addition To Your Lovely Poems Lady Pen..Androgoth XXx


  5. and more ,and more


  6. A new day with new hopes, dreams and everything lolalways a pleasure to read ur poetryThumbs upTxMJ


  7. Wonderful and true…………………Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…………………Your poetry is amazing…………………You do have a great gift Pen……………….Take care X


  8. Heart..Renaissance Man

    and you thought getting up in the morning was tough.. imagine poor Mother nature waking up the entire earth.. all that’s living all that’s not… man what a job.. but OOOOO what a feeling.. what a rush…


  9. Heart..Renaissance Man

    nice piece by the way… ;o)


  10. It makes me all misty eyed and feeling the whole world and all that’s in it a wonderful place. Till I wipe the tears away. :-((Lovely blog as usual.


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