Am I Awake?

I stood in front of the door, frozen, my mind was screaming at me, “No, don’t!!”  My hand slowly reached out, I could almost hear the warning music in my head. You know the type of music, from Horror films, the music which suddenly sets your nerves on edge, ‘cos you know something is going to happen…Something terrifying…My hand moved almost of it’s own accord…As if in slow motion… Nearer to the handle, I almost felt sick, then suddenly, it moved…the door handle moved, but it wasn’t me!!! My hand was still inches away!!…Flipping heck, what was on the other side of the door?…I couldn’t move, why couldn’t I move? My eyes wouldn’t stop watching the slow turning movement of the handle. Mesmerised…NO way, no way could there be anything on the other side…Could there?…My heart was thumping like a mad thing,  my feet wouldn’t respond. Why? “Run” my mind was screaming at me “Run, you idiot”…”Get as far away as you can”. but no, alas, it was too late. The door slowly opened, inch by inch… wider and wider, it almost creaked in the best horror film tradition…It couldn’t be, it just couldn’t , my mouth opened on a scream…but before I could utter a solitary note , It happened…The face peered round the door and uttered the words…”Well?…are you coming in or not?…”
Johnny Depp, as I live and breathe
(and I almost forgot how!!)…

Don’t, NO WAY…Do NOT pinch me.,..I’m awake…I know I’m awake!!!

LadyPx 2010  ..


Wishing you all a great week-end….I’m still dreaming………..




10 responses to “Am I Awake?

  1. I loved this one Lady P!!!!!


  2. in your dreams Lady , in your dreams !


  3. Hi LadyP, I would not want to wake up from that. Johnny Depp, Ohhhh…. Peace


  4. Dreamy boy, eh Pen…………….Chill out this weekend. X


  5. You got it bad girl, even I’m not that bessotted, BUT, if he should come back again, please grab him by the collar and hightail it round to mine for tea and fresh baked bread, and you won’t stand a chance. LOL


  6. very good this one


  7. Woohoo! I loved that Are you coming or not? even my dream I ‘ll enjoyed that too, But so far not yet:-)Let’s all we have such a romantic dreams…. maybe tonight? Michiko


  8. I just second thought if an ugly man’s opend the door to said "Are you come in or not?" that’s totally different story LOL!Have a great weekend Lady P,Michiko


  9. Sorry Lady he was round mine!!! SIGH ………………yeah as if lol! love the scrummy pics you have of him though, cheered my Sunday up no end!! xxx


  10. And What A Delightful Dream Lady Pen… Your Hero Too, How Wizardly Wicked of YOU.. lol Hope You Are Still Enjoying The Moment / Moments of That Naughty Dream (I Say Naughty As It Was…. Well That’s For You To Know?) Have A Fangtastic Monday Lady Pen.. Androgoth XXx


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