The day started badly, by waking up late,

but she knew where she ought to be

as her mind tried to make her decisions

by not facing the truth, the reality


She dressed in a hurry, uncaring

haphazardly throwing on a few clothes

remembering to spray her deodorant

and her perfume, from her head to her toes


She sneezed as she walked through the spray mist,

she always used more than she should,

but somehow the perfume gave courage

like wearing armour, if only she could


She raced through the house, hardly stopping

to put on her shoes by the door

grabbing her coat, her keys, she cast a long look

round her home, then took one look more.


As she closed the front door behind her,

she keyed the reluctant lock into place,

she turned, took a deep breath whilst thinking,.

“Right, holiday over, back to work, smile in place!!! “

LadyP © 2010



17 responses to “Mindset………

  1. lol…..yeah nuffin worse than going back is there….lol…..hope ya well refreshed and sooo ticketyboo bab…. big smiles.. xx


  2. At least you remembered the deodorant, so many forget when in a hurry.Have a great day.Hugs Lady J


  3. Love it, brought back memories of when I was working and had to return from a vacation.I hope you have a wonderful day Lady P.


  4. Glad your backTake careSue


  5. poor you .nearly the w/e at least. it’s good to have you back and posting .hopfully soon we can have a chat xxxxx


  6. oh … darn… need to slow down n read better…will be back with a slower time….. screech


  7. Coming up to the mark as usual Pen, so very apt, but still there’s always next year and another holiday to look forward to.


  8. Down memory lane,very beautifull.welcome back…


  9. A delightful return to your scripting Lady Pen, memories hold the Magic but the pages that turn hold the wonder… Time is the key and the Magical essesnce of the morrow will bring forth many exciting adventures… Be very well my great friend… Androgoth XXx


  10. Lady Penelope I’m so glad to see you’re back and haven’t given up on spaces completely. I took some time away also, and have tried to get around to friends and make a post last week but spaces wasnt working properly and I gave up for a couple days to let it get sorted.So looking forward to being here more and will see you again soon. Big hugs, Nikki


  11. Hi lady P, I love the way you defined passion! I completely agree:)Spaces seem to be working ok now, but yes "leaving comments has become quite an art form" LOL. I’m getting used to breaking up my longer comments, doesnt seem so hard any more.Amazing how well we can adapt if forced to lol. Have a wonderful night,Nikki xo


  12. You are back in reality yourlife, I likes where you started with a beautiful perfeum all overe the your body….Take easy LadyP,Michiko


  13. couldnt help be impressed by arsenal and chelsea last night as it goes……reckon spurs will struggle in it mind……but there ya go.. lol… hope ya well young ladyp@….all quiet here.. xx


  14. Sounds like a typical manic Monday… Uuugh! Mondays tend to remind me that the week is just beginning and that I have long way to go till Friday.


  15. ohh lady P ur already at home here??
    i still have no clue to add friends.
    can u help me??
    write me
    sweetimj123@gmail.com plss


  16. I really like this poem. Thank you for finding my one litte Word Press trial.


  17. I love this and your other poems. Perfume as armor – perfect!


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