Watch Tower….…



The Watch Tower waits for one to share

the fantastic secret that it hides

It waits and wonders if anyone dare

crave adventure and more besides

Long years have past since feet have tread

it’s cold stone steps worn by time

The Tower shudders as feelings of dread

course it’s brickwork, cracking the lime

It craves a companion to take control

as it shimmers through ancient time portals

It needs a human with an adventurous soul,

one who stands out from the race of mortals.

Yes, countless long years had come and gone

no true seeker had answered the question

still The Watch Tower waits for one alone…

I feel it’s pain, I failed the test, didn’t I mention?….

LadyP © 2010




15 responses to “Watch Tower….…

  1. will a mortal ,straight and true, pass the portal through .wiil completeness then remain, repairing all the pain .


  2. cool that ladyp@….summat to read whilst i have a cuppa here…..such a naff day soooo far bab…reckons its gonna tip it down…… have a nice evening young lady… big old smiles.. xx


  3. We are all just bear mortals, all failing at life in general.Have a lovely day Lady P


  4. Yes, but what if the Watchtower is only a hungry mimic?


  5. Great job Lady P. I hope the sun is shining there as it is cloudy and dreay here.Hugs,Beth


  6. Yes a very interesting read Lady Pen… I offer you this – Beyond the test of time, further than the Architectural mould there is that tranquillity of souls, a superficial gateway that once a mortal steps across its boundary, the vision of truth and all wanting is revealed leaving behind all the uncertainties of time. Not everything in time is transparent, but it is most definitely worth the adventure… Androgoth XXx


  7. Lady Jude—sorry to hear you are failing at life. Having a rather good run with it myself. There are no tests to pass, you know, no Grand Purpose, you just—LIVE.


  8. been reading the lord of the rings…. huh?watchers…. there they watch…. me n you


    • not all towers come from the rings,
      deep from within , come these things.
      the watchers , they are all around,
      by their prescence , are we bound.
      to stand or fall within their gaze,
      is how we’re fated to end our days.


  9. every day is an adventure some we wish we hadnt taken but we do anyway we are our own watch tower good read lady p


  10. There’s something about an abandoned property and places, frozen in time, that makes them seem more real than most things we encounter… an abandoned property can be powerfully evocative.


  11. Looking forward to your next masterpiece …


  12. Nice poemawait doth a tower aloneweathering times and history gonenice i like this hope ur doing great


  13. how can i add frfiends???


  14. What a fangtastic surprise awaiting me in My New Gothic Realm, Yes my wicked friend Penpusherpen and no sign of that nosy Parker either… lol Actually this title rings very true with you and indeed your superbly written Scripts… I will be calling by or should I say flying by whenever I like? Thank you for calling in and tapping on the lid… Wicked… Have a lovely rest of evening now Lady Pen… Androgoth XXx


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