Keeping Pace


It seems I’ve joined with WordPress

and Blogger, now I’m Twitter~ing too

armed with Pen Name and email address

I log into this and that, don’t you?

This modern life passes so quickly

like a blur, so I cannot keep pace

I get emails galore, showing updates and more

Seems I’m wired into the network race…….


( & I’m loving every minute.)

LadyP © 2010



13 responses to “Keeping Pace

  1. I find that for me that the more time I spend “wired in” the more stressed out I feel. I’m try to find a balance between work, study and computer time at the moment.

    Garry xox


  2. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Yes, it’s strange how we go through life and how we adapt to new things.

    Thanks for the comment my friend – it is indeed hard to let go of old habits and places.

    WLS had its problems I admit and I found myself complaining because something didn’t work, or if some toe-rag was ragging on me and my friends!

    This is a different kettle of fish though: More bugs and cockups, but in a lot of ways easier to use! 🙂

    I’m glad you are exploring the options – I tend to find a useful configuration and stick to it! 🙂

    As for the toxic farts – they stopped yesterday and I’ve been fine since…

    Love and squishy hugs!



  3. Yes the trouble is that when one starts pressing those buttons and tweaking every page it becomes an endless enterprise, each tweak making it that much better and yet still needing to improve…

    Be careful you don’t press the ‘RED’ button or… Well anything might happen? lol Just kidding, you have lots of fun changing your graphics, options galore, header, backgrounds, fonts and more…

    Now how wicked is WordPress? Fangbloodytastic… lol Oops… Have a lovely rest of evening Lady Pen… BTW – Your Space looks brilliant, hmm…

    There must be someone twiddling with things hegh? lol Androgoth XXx


  4. I know what you mean, I have a limit of no more than three sites.


  5. I don’t Twitter (I don’t trust their security—they seem to get hacked pretty regularly


  6. Oh this sound just like me, i gave Twitting up,
    Take care


  7. Thank you for help me out my problems at wordpress. I have had problems in the past because my lack of knowledge of english that I started writting english at 2005 july because I needed to it:-)
    If I write Japanese? that is not much good to you people…
    Thank you again,
    Have a nice day,


  8. whatever brings you happiness…


  9. Since i have gotten my laptop and asked a silly question to someone, what is a blog? Can i do it?” i have been addicted to it ( my wife’s statement, not mine). name a social network and i properly have an account. Addicted, NO!


  10. It is like being a child in a candy store I think. So many options I am overwhelmed yet smiling.


  11. I love this poem Lady P, I have that same confused key on my keyboard these days too lol. Have fun twittering and have a wonderful day. Big hugs, Nikki


  12. Hi Pen,
    Shifting and confused, keeping pace with the network race! Terrific!


  13. I enjoyed your words,Pen
    Brought a smile, 🙂


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