Closing The Door.


You want an answer to your question

you want to know my decision today?

Surely you can tell I’m undecided

As I try to keep out of your way.


You wonder about my reasoning?

you wonder if I’ll turn you away?

surely you know I weigh the options

it’s best for me at the end of the day.


You have the answer to your question

yet still again you ask of me why?

Please accept what I say, just go away

Do I want to change suppliers?  NO, Goodbye!!


LadyP © 2010



15 responses to “Closing The Door.

  1. I always enjoy your poems, and this is no exception. Beautiful work!


  2. Your writing has , and is , always a source of enjoyment to me I hope the words are not a personal indication of a new direction of your literary talents


  3. With the changes, this a great poem. Keep them coming.


  4. Your poems are great I love ready them
    Take care


  5. Hi Lady P, I hear this refrain from myself every day as I work. Those soliciters are very persistant. Have a great day. Peace


  6. Always lovely to read one of your poems Lady P


  7. I can identify with this…sometimes they simply won’t stop…continue to question even after a firm NO!!!


  8. How many times in our life has door been closed on us?
    Although,we must remember that not all closed doors can never be opened again:-)
    I like your poems.


  9. Hi Lady P,
    Telemarketers used to drive me insane, I was getting numerous calls every single day from one company or another, and often from those auto-dialers with recorded messages and not even a human you could hang up on! So last year when I moved I got an unlisted private phone number and it’s been heaven, not one single telemarketing call since i’ve been here! Now finally I don’t cringe when I hear my phone ring lol.
    Big hugs, Nikki


  10. Hi hun! 🙂

    Telemarketers are a PAIN!!!

    I was ex-directory from getting my phone, yet BT SOLD my phone number to telemarketers!!!

    I now have the option to block unwanted calls, yet they still come because they keep changing their phone numbers!!!


    Ooh that’s sooo much better!!! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs!



  11. Hey I hope that’s not the dreaded ‘Cold Callers’ dropping by your lettle Choco Villa? lol I think that it’s best to just set the Ghouls on them, they won’t be coming back in a hurry that’s for sure… A nice poem Lady Pen… Androgoth XXx


  12. Hi Pen!!! 🙂

    Yeah I’m forever forgetting stuff so I have a log book – which if taken will end my life on the web!!! 🙂

    Glad you did switch over love – the regular bloggers are a great bunch and I’d lose half my life if they were to go!

    Love and hugs! 🙂



  13. Truly wonderful poem this…quite moving.


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