Just A Thought.


As you open your eyes, ever felt something’s not right?

as if affected by dreams, random thoughts in the night?

as if the goalposts moved without you knowing why

as if hearing a different drummer, life’s passing you by


As your day progresses,  does this feeling grow stronger ?

as if you’re not quite sure of yourself any longer

as if your brain is throwing stumbling blocks in the way

as if you’re not in control, tell me, am I describing your day?


many times I’ve wondered about the dream-like state

you’re dreaming, you think, then suddenly wide awake

You look around, collect your thoughts, you prepare for your day

could this reality be the dream, or the dream be reality in any way?


LadyP © 2010

14 responses to “Just A Thought.

  1. In The Reality of a Dream? Well Don’t You Be Dreaming of Pancake Eating Zombies or Skeleton’s Bones As Breakfast Will Be Exceedingly Boring.

    The Essence of a Dream and The In Depth Realities? i know. Perhaps NOT Eating Cheese of an Evening Will Stop Those Nightmares, or Maybe It’s A Dream of Johnny Depp The Wicked, Naught and Sexy Pirate That Is Grabbing Your.

    No I Mean Grabbing Your Attention?

    Have Fun Now. Here’s Johnny lol Just Kidding My Great Friend I Like Your Poem Lady Pen…

    Keep Those Artistic Juices Flowing, and Giving Us All A Wicked Treat With Your Excellent Style of Poetry… Androgoth XXx


  2. BTW – I Hope That Bess
    Is Much Better Today…

    Androgoth XXx


  3. Blimey Looking At My First Comment You Can See That My Keyboard Is Suffering From The Dreaded Missing Letter Syndrome lol Luckily You Know That This Is Something That We Writers Struggle With Sometimes… Hmm… lol

    And Those Dots Are Appearing Again Now Too, Oh Dear I Hope That’s Not Going To Be Catching… lol Androgoth XXx


  4. A good poem and quite true – sometimes when my alarm goes off it gets incorporated into the dream which is a pain if I have to get up!!!

    Have a great weekend my friend!!!

    Love and hugs!



  5. Yes sometime i feel that way
    Hope your having a good weekend
    Take care


  6. An interesting writing that expresses what I think is an observation that we all find at sometime in our life , for me this seems to occur more so as we get older , when day dreams include past experiences intermingled with hopes and dreams both gained and lost as well as daydreams bringing on emotions of love and hurt and pain and sadness , maybe daydreams are the bodies way of helping the mind to cope , enjoyed your writing very much so , thank you


  7. Lovely Pen my dreams are so vivid its scary, I do wonder this at times. Thank you Sheila


  8. Hi Lady P,
    This is a beautiful poem. You have a real gift for being able to express yourself exquisitely in rhyme. Since taking on part time study and probably studying too long into the early hours of the morning I wake up feeling that way all too often I think. I’m hoping it’s a temporary condition and also that it’s worth it 🙂

    Thank you for the compliment on the purple flowers, I think they’re beautiful as well. I saw them while going for a bit of a walk in the hills and unfortunately..I don’t know what they’re called. I’ll try to find out and..we’ll be able to call them something else besides…purple flowers.

    Lady P,
    I’m hoping you have a pretty good day!


  9. Lovely poem Lady P. I don’t know why but I didn’t get an email that you updated.


  10. Oh I wonder if this is a dream, I collect my thoughts only to find I’ve lost them in the process LOL.
    There are times when I do wonder if I am awake … ?
    Great poem for getting one thinking about this.


  11. I love this poem,xPenx
    All the Best,


  12. Wow, what a beautiful poem Pen, I feel like that quite often and I must say you wrote it so beautifully… Have subscribed to your blog so lets hope I’ve done it right, lol… big HUGS…Lynn xx


  13. Just answering you on here Lynn too, see if you can follow the thread…


  14. Getting the hang of it at last Pen, thank you so very much xx


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