Two Sides Of the Coin..

Ying and Yang

my thoughts are dark because of you

you promise much but nothings true

words fall from your lips like drops of rain

have you no heart?  have you no shame?

Ying and Yang

my thoughts are light because of you

you say foolish things, tho’ none are true

words said for effect, with laughter to gain

you have so much heart, I feel such shame.

Ying and Yang

both are one person, both descriptions apply

both effect me this way, only one makes me cry

My mood sets the answer,  the reason I now see

that I am the problem, the answer lies within me…

LadyP © 2010



16 responses to “Two Sides Of the Coin..

  1. Nicely put Pen! 🙂

    My poetry is a tad dark – based on my experiences growing up – but seems to be the only thing that makes me wax poetic.

    Maybe when I find true love again?

    Huge hugs always!!!



  2. I think that I had some of the thoughts in my past. Very good Poem.


  3. Well Put

    two sides do i have
    sometimes more then two faces


  4. a beautiful reflection, Pen


  5. I like this offering Lady Pen, it is attention grabbing stuff, I wonder what your next addition will be?

    A very nicely written piece this one my great friend…

    Androgoth XXx


  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences through your poetry, we can learn from others this way.
    Hugs Lady J


  7. a look in the that me??
    oh ye Lady Pee..
    i was also in poetic mood.
    Lady P hows the football??


  8. The second verse I saw myself…intriquing how an Author’s words can take you on a journey into oneself. A gift of thoughtfulness…words are often like a mirror. Lovely!

    BTW: You may find it interesting that that tune I am listening to as I write is “Just like a Woman” by Bob Dylan.


  9. Wow Pen, I love this one so much, such a talent, I would love to be able to play with words the way you do… Thanks 4 sharing, have a lovely week also…Lynn xxx


  10. This strikes a chord in me Pen. it reminds me of a saga in my life back in the 60’s.


  11. Beautiful writing my friend , I think there are two sides to everyone , one we want others to see and one we keep to our hearts , makes me wonder now with my love and romance space and my Aussie Emu space , both separate and both different but both the same person .
    Keep smiling girl , I love your writing
    Ian and Emu


  12. well thought out, deliciously versed, good style of writing
    you cleverly revealed yourself!
    Enjoy life, Eddie


  13. I enjoyed every word, xPenx
    Thank you 🙂


  14. I also loved this one Pen Beautiful. xSheila


  15. You have great talent flowing out of that pen!


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